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Hi, I'm Katherine Phifer.

They call me the feminine leadership + love activator.

I used to push the limits just a little a bit.  

Now, I expand them.

I was a good and nice girl.  

But, there was a little bit of A rebellious piece to me.


I was a healer.  

But I fit my gifts into a box.


I wanted to stand out.

But I sat on the sidelines. 

I was a leader.

But I thought I had to lead from a place of pushing & scarcity.

I was a mother.

But, I felt like I was failing.

Stepping into our power as coaches, healers, mystics, creatives & visionaries 

means we step into being a leader.

Shedding the good + nice girl, the one who tried desperately to fit in, and who put her power outside of herself, I found myself desiring for more. I didn't want to burn myself out to dust. I wanted to claim my unique gifts & powers and I knew there was an answer deep within me.  I wanted to be a female leader who embodied abundance, love and grounded power.

Are you ready to shift how you do business + leadership + love?

the paradigm is shifting.

If you are here reading this page, I know you are ready to do life, business + leadership in a whole new way.


Sitting on the sidelines, putting our power outside of ourselves, feeling burnt out often, and operating from a place of pushing + scarcity is the old way of doing things.  We are ready to expand our leadership, businesses, wealth  and relationships to a whole new level.


We are ready to combine the flow based feminine container with divine masculine practices. We are ready to be sovereign queens.

Expansion is Yours

Here's where we can start

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Create boundaries.

Magnetize your glow.


Progressively relax.

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This E-BOOK will 

change your life, 

in 3 rituals a day.


Expand INTO your next level OF leadership, LIFE,

LOVE and business.

Have we met before? 

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Hey! I'm katherine.

A luxury traveler at heart, I currently reside outside of Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee.  I am an intuitive leadership, business, wealth and love mentor .  I support leaders, coaches, healers, creatives and visionaries around the globe to fully reclaim their feminine sovereignty and flourish in their businesses and lives.


I am a mama to twin boys and an angel daughter, a wife to the sweetest firefighter, a sparkle lover, and a fairy light aficionado.  I am also a Crohn's disease warrior and gourmet foodie to the core.   

Formerly a supervisor, psychotherapist and art therapist to in-crisis teens and their families, I now support people (mainly women, but a few fellas have made their way into my programs, and we are all inclusive here) to empower their conscious and magical lives, run their businesses from a place of grounded soul AND own the power that they were born with.  With over 15 years of experience working with people all over the world in a healing and growth capacity, I support leaders to be connected, empowered and grounded.

I'm all about living the most flourishing life possible. My personal desire is to run the most soul aligned business, engage in the most fabulous relationships and to feel connected to my purpose and vision on a spiritual level.  


I want the exact same thing for you too.


I've supported hundreds of people to up-level their relationships, reclaim their power, flourish their lives and embody the work they are here to do.  When I was a relationship coach,  I founded The Happy Love Project,

a podcast and platform that focuses on healthy relationships. 

My educational background includes:

• BFA in Studio Art & Photography with Honors from TCU in Fort Worth, Texas

•MA in Mental Health Counseling & Expressive Art Therapy

from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA

I was a Licensed Professional Counselor in Anchorage, Alaska

and continue to hold my Art Therapy Credentials.

I also studied with The Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.

as seen IN:

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"I feel more self confident.  My inner critic work was invaluable."  ​~ A.B.

"I've created more space for myself.  

I don't react so quickly, and I feel lighter.  

I have a path." ~ J.W. 

"I have significant more clarity, energy and focus." ~ K. A. 

"I have more confidence to go after what lights me up!" ~ A.P.




"Awakening.  Motivating.  Eye Opening." ~  J.W.

"Life changing.  Inspiring.  Grounding." ~ A.B.

"Fun.  Clarifying.  Energizing." ~ K.A. 

"Fun.  Motivating.  Validating." ~ A.P. 


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