Hi, I'm Katherine.

I am a leadership + relationship mentor and 

I work with women from all over the globe to lead + live + love

in a way that honors their whole selves.

Often, women are taught to live, work, relate and lead in a paradigm that is overpowered by a culture that is designed to not serve us.

In this predominate culture, leadership is run by dominance.

Emotions are suppressed.

Control masks anxiety.

Aggression (social & physical) signifies power.

It's time to shift that paradigm.

What if we created lives and business environments that 

are heart centered?

What if we lived and worked in environments that are accepting, wise and forgiving?

What if our lifestyles embodied our true, innate power?

What if our schedules that served us and didn't overrun us?

What if our relationships were all built on trust, honor and love?

The work I am here to do is to empower people to shift how they live, relate and lead.


Katherine's Stats

Intuitive, Psychic, Witch.

Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Libra Rising.

Generator in Human Design.

Fire + Metal in Chinese Medicine.

Enneagram Four.

Mama to Pre-Teen Twin Boys + An Angel Daughter.

Wife to a Firefighter.

Formerly a Mental Health Clinician, Art Therapist & Supervisor.


Crohn's Disease Warrior.

Third Culture Kid.

Currently Living in Franklin, Tennessee (outside of Nashville).


Luxury Traveler.

Bubble Bath Aficionado.

Fun facts...


Lake Charles, LA

Slidell, LA

Concord, CA

Clayton, CA

Anchorage, AK 

Lafayette, LA

Katy, TX

Chagrin Falls, OH

Aberdeen, Scotland

Cobham, England

Houston, TX

Ft. Worth, TX

Houston, TX

Boston, MA

Anchorage, AK

Franklin, TN

I've moved to a different city 16 times.


I worked on an acute mental health unit for 2 years and then a crisis stabilization unit for 8.  I was a lead clinician as well as a supervisor during my time there.  I was credentialed as an LPC  in the State of Alaska and an ATR.

My career before being a mentor was as an art therapist + mental health clinician for teens and their families  in crisis.


I was petrified I was going to be hospitalized for quitting my very heavy duty injection medication.  But with the support of a functional medicine doctor, I actually felt better than I ever did on medication

in 2017, after being on medication for Crohn's Disease for 20 years, I decided to embark on healing myself naturally.


I went to TCU in Fort Worth, Texas.

studied, with honors, studio art + photography with a minor in religion in college.

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