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Visionary Business 1:1 Coaching

 Legacy + Wealth + Sustainability

4 months to align your message, business and life.

You have big things to share with the world. 

You are here to create a legacy of change...

...with your soul aligned clients.  

...with the people around you. 

...with yourself.

You are legendary.

Share your gifts with the people who need them.

Feel fully connected to your purpose. 

Create sustainable practices for your gifts.

Be exponentially compensated for your gifts.

And, feel absolutely soul aligned

with all the things that you do in your precious life.

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It's time to rise up, embrace your

legendary status and change the world.

Welcome to The Visionary Leader Private Coaching Program

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Inside the Visionary Leader Private Coaching Program we utilize three important concepts.  


#1) The first is, throughout the entire program we implement my unique aligned leadership 



#2) Then we infuse the ten Visionary Pillars in order to create life lasting, next level growth in your work and your life.


#3) Third, we use an extensive toolkit of healing, abundance & mindset practices. 


 The program, methods and pillars are all customized to you, because there isn't anyone else like you in the world, living your life or sharing your unique gifts.

#1.  Katherine's Aligned Leadership Methodology






Customizing your own method to fit your business & life doesn't have to be complicated, hard or require you to step out of your own self.  Your business method and life method can work for you and with you.

You are a unique, fabulous soul.  There's no one who leads like you, lives like you, or thinks like you.  Your soul & spirit play a huge part in how you lead, how you live and how you operate your business. This is the magic.

As we expand your reach, your audience, your business, your work and your self we combine a unique blend of your method (whatever that method is) and your empowering soul. 

#2. The Ten Visionary Pillars

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Pillar #1: 

Business Method

Method and practices are in the small details. We will customize those strategies and practices to you and your unique life and business.  No other soul knows your life or your work like you do.


We will alchemize your unique life and the business 

strategies and practices that work for you, at the micro and macro level.  This includes examining your time, your resources, your schedule, your content strategy, your marketing and your business.

Systems, Funnels and Automation are the name of the game when it comes to ease in your business.  Let your business do the work for you, as you set up or tweak your sales funnels, systems and automation to allow for more freedom, space and abundance.

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Pillar #2:

Wealth Expansion

Money, money, money!  The work you do in this world is of high service and requires exponential compensation.  You change people's lives on all kinds of levels doing your work and you deserve to be paid for your services.  If you have ever struggled with money or wealth, it is time to shift your mindset and strategy and get paid for what you do!  


You get to be paid for your services, expand your wealth and run a 6 or 7+ figure empire.  Wealth doesn't have to require blood and tears.  And, selling isn't sleazy, it's spiritual... as long as you figure out how to sell in a soul aligned, spiritual way.

We will expand your wealth using your unique blend of method and soul.

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Pillar #3: 

Your Unique Message

The beauty of today's world is that humans love to see and hear unique stories.  And your unique story is incredibly important. What you say, what you do and how you share impacts the world in a powerful way. 


Inside the program, you will own your message with complete confidence and clarity.  You'll speak your truth on the daily, with ease and flow.  And, you will master writing, speaking and showing up as YOU, and your soul clients will binge on your every word and get in line to work with you.

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Pillar #4: 

Your Audience 

Whether your business is local or global, we will get laser focused on how your audience finds out about you and flocks to work with you. Perhaps you are a networking Queen, or a social media lover... either way, we will devise a plan for you speak and reach your soul audience.  


And, if social media is the name of the game (which in 2020 social media is the most fabulous way to stay connected to your audience) we will figure out the best plan of action and platform for you.  I mean, there's so many platforms to choose from... Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Pinterest, You Tube... Tik Tok!  You have many options to market your business. 

You will stand out in your industry, grow a loving community of followers and step into the leader you know you already are.  You'll also learn how to increase your influence and impact and attract the right aligned clients into your business, daily.

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Pillar #5:

Productivity~ Flowing + Slaying 

Your productivity is uber important.  Not only that, but there is an actual method to utilizing both your feminine (flow) and your masculine (slay) when it comes to getting your work done.  These concepts aren't married to gender.  They are, instead, married to the unique way you get your work done.  Some people get stuck in the "slay" and become exhausted. Some people love to stay in the "flow" and get caught up in the processing.  We will master flow and slay for you, in every way. 

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Pilliar #6:

Mindset + Confidence

What do mindset & confidence have to do with business? In my opinion, everything! 


Your beliefs dictate how everything goes and flows in your life and your business.  And your confidence... well, it's all about you showing up in your full glory, babe. Both contribute to your magnetism and ability to sustain a well oiled machine.

Your self worth will rise to a whole new level as you release your fears, tune into your intuition and soul.  You will call on your higher self to lead your forward.  Expect to feel a new sense of clarity and confidence that you'll have for the rest of your life.  

You'll also have a deep understanding of how your confidence and mindset dictate your life and your business.

Pillar #7:

Magnetic Leadership

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Whether you are a sole proprietor or a CEO of thousands of people, your leadership skills can grow your business or they can get in the way.  As a leader, you are influencing not only the people who work for you, but also the people that you serve.

You will magnetize the people who work for you and with you.  You will also magnetize the people you serve with your energetic frequency, you unique message and your grounded power.  You will utilize tools daily in order to up level your magnetism in every way.

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Pillar #8:

Energetic Frequency

Your energetic frequency is your vibe.  What does your vibe look and feel like?  How do you master your energetic frequency?  What are the best practices to maintain you vibe in every way?  

Not only will we answer these questions, we will also determine what's unique to your energetic frequency. 

You will also harness the divine power of your intuition to know exactly what move to make, without hesitation. You’ll also clear any stuck or stagnant energy, and elevate into the best version of yourself.   Learn to work with your energy flow for ultimate impact.

Pillar #9:

Life + Spirit + Soul + Magic

Hello, rest of your life!!  Your life, spirituality and soul play a huge role in your business and success.  We will tailor your business to fit your life and honor you.  This work is holistic.  When you upgrade the work that you do, you also upgrade the rest of your life.

You will tap into your unique blend of magic that is YOU.  

And, not only that- we will determine the best strategy for you to juggle all of the balls that keep your life unique and interesting. 

Pillar #10:


With both your life and your work, it makes sense to create something that is sustainable, right?

Method = Sustainable

Soul Aligned = Sustainable

And, not only that we want anything we do that's expanding ourselves and our businesses to be sustainable too.  One of the ultimate things we will do in our coaching together is create sustainability in all the things you do.

Energy & Healing Work

Inside the Visionary Leader 1:1 Coaching Program