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letters from katherine

🔥🔥🔥 This past year I've been going through the messy process of peeling back layers of protection, expectations, and letting go of the Good Girl and the Nice Girl. ⠀

It has been amazing and soul wrenching. There have been tears and yelling and long conversations with my higher self and spirit guides. And, I am still peeling the layers.⠀

The "good girl" and "nice girl" persona has been hard to shake. How do you be kind and thoughtful while also adhering to your own boundaries and soul desires?⠀

The simple answer is: Now I just do. The complex answer is: It took a whole lot of work to figure myself out first. It took a whole lot of change in my thoughts and behaviors to understand it. ⠀

It would be easy to say that the old way of doing things was "bad" and the new ways is "good." It doesn't have to be stuck in polarities. I liked myself before, I was true to myself (in some degree) before. Now I am just more true-er (if that was a word). This process has been a journey and it will continue to be one- I'm not done. ⠀

Society tells us to be good and nice and not rock the boat. We are "supposed" to live inside a mold of expectations. Do this, not that. What's even more interesting... some of the expectations we adhere to are from people we haven't met, or people who are three times removed from our lives.⠀

But, you know what? I like the Iconic Me. She is living her life a whole lot differently than before. I like her a lot. And even better, she isn't stuck in some prison with the expectations of others as the invisible bars. ⠀

That isn't to say that now I will show up as an asshole! Ha! No! This process is way more internal rather than external. I am as graceful and thoughtful as ever. But the boundaries around my soul are way more clear. There isn't any other way for me. It wouldn't be in line with my soul. ❤️

Something I’ve been working on... the answers to what I am searching for... they aren’t out there at all, but inside me. (Isn’t that part of a line from the Moana soundtrack?). Moana had a point.⠀

The answers to the meaning of life aren’t found on a insta feed, or in the blog posts of someone else, in a crowd sourcing experiment or in the opinions of others. The answers are within. Your answers- the ones you are looking for- they are in there inside you.⠀

And, if you ARE looking for answers right now- give yourself a break. Let yourself get out of your norm. Go for a walk, take a break, let yourself BE. The answers will come. They always do. ✨

As I type we are 4 weeks into social isolation and keeping our distance from people. I've had my fair share of anxiety, worry and stress in connection with what is happening in the world. From financial worries to sickness worries, there's a lot to keep me (and the rest of the world) awake at night.

I find that if I set myself up for success during the day by creating boundaries with social media and the news helps in all kinds of ways. I love social media, don't get me wrong, but I am trying to access it a few times a day in order to not be going to the apps constantly.

At night, I am creating energetic boundaries and an energetic protection around my house. This may sound a little on the "woo-y" side, but honestly, I am sleeping better.

Watch the video below for more of my thoughts around how to get better rest at night and deal with the ongoing stress that is happening. (This is great for anytime, not just durning the social isolation of 2020!)

With love & abundance,


Katherine Phifer









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