Get super clear on how to run your leadership role from a place of grounded calm and connected standards.   

Who here is doing alllllll the things and feels like they could literally go in about 10 different directions at once?⠀

Anyone worried about what the school year is gonna look like come Fall? Hiya- juggling all the things- home schooling the kids, running a thriving business or full time job, normal life happenings... HELLO busy to the max. ⠀

Anyone feel like they could literally work 20 hours a day and still not accomplish all the things on the perpetual do list? ⠀

Anyone ready to DO things differently? Anyone ready to live from a place of groundedness and flow? How about working without feeling crusty or burnt out? ⠀

I hear you. I see you. I know you. It's time, my love, to do something different, and I wouldn't ever point out problems without offering a solution. ⠀

It's time to work, lead and live from a deeply conscious place. It's time to own what we need to be the best business owner, CEO, leader, or whatever our title might be. We have magic to tap into- and it's time to find out how to do that while being present to our own unique life and circumstances.⠀

Our lives are as unique as our fingerprints. But, our experiences are likely similar. The experience of feeling like you have to do everything- the successful job, the happy family, the well educated kids.... The experience of sacrificing health, sleep, self care and even fun to get shit done. ⠀

We know we are here to do big things, and to bring our fabulous gifts to the table- but we want to do it in a way that we don't have to sacrifice our own selves in order to do it, ya know?

topics we cover in the masterclass:

leadership policies

What are your current leadership policies?  

If you aren't sure... no worries.  

We'll find out what policies you agree with,

which ones have just come into practice,

and what policies you are ready to let go of. 


Your energy is your most precious resources.  

And so is your time.  

If you find yourself working, working, working...

it's time to create new boundaries for you to get rest and dive into your own soul care.  

And... If you have people in your life (hello, kiddos & partners!)

who have a hard time with  understanding your time at work,

we'll also talk about that.


We will create new policies inside the training.

I'll guide you through a series of questions for you to examine

your current policies and write new ones for yourself. 


How do you actually implement change?  

We'll walk through the actions to take in order to change your policies and boundaries. 

what to do about EXPECTATIONS OF YOU

What do you do if you change your policies and boundaries

and the people around you find that challenging?  

We'll talk about the inevitable feelings and push back that comes

with changing how you do things. 


Sometimes the person we require boundaries with are our own selves!  

We'll dive into how to change your own boundaries and policies and

how to uphold your new policies. 

what to expect

We will thoughtfully unpack how your boundaries and leadership policies impact your entire life.  We will get crystal clear on your own soul led boundaries and policies by implementing a number of techniques through the masterclass. 

Expect to have fun, expect to enjoy the conversation and expect to shift how you go about being a leader.  You will quickly and easily change your life as I guide you through a process of examining how you do leadership. 

1.5 hour masterclass

(with lifetime access to replay)

 and a workbook to use again & again

are you ready for this? Grab your

masterclass now:


Before diving into the business of online leading and coaching I was psychotherapist of teens in crisis.  It was powerful, deep and life changing work (for me) that was hard and required parts of my soul I didn't know existed. I wouldn't trade my time in that work for the world.


It was fast paced and required me to understand the whole picture, from my client (the teen's) perspective.  Crisis can happen day or night, even on a crisis stabilization unit.  I found myself worried about what the next day would bring... would we be sending a teen to a higher level of care?  What skill would be required of me when it came to family meetings, or community meetings or team meetings?


To counter my anxiety, I would check my email relentlessly.  At home.  After a full 8 1/2 hours of being on the unit.  I was distracted by it.  I would sit in the boys room while they fell asleep (another story for another day about my boys propensity to party like it was 1999) and I would wait for the crisis to come in... and constantly be worried about the other shoe dropping.


During one particularly messy encounter with a teen's case and his community providers, I found myself requiring something to change- or I was going to have to leave my job.  My body was done processing the anxiety and worry.  


Without the proper boundaries between myself and my work- I found myself anxious and never really letting go of what was happening on the unit.  I set the boundary that I would not check my email from home anymore.  If there was a crisis that required my presence or input, I was always available by phone. (And, that rarely happened, by the way!)


Boundaries and Leadership Policies are sometimes hard to conceptualize or to put into action... but when you do... everything else operates in flow.  All of a sudden, you are able to lead from a place of grounded power.  Let's find out what your boundaries and personal policies and lead with your ultimate soul power.







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