Abundance in Love



More love.  More connection.  More passion.


designed my individual coaching program,

 Abundance in Love 

for a highly successful person just like you, who is ready to rewrite your love story and experience love with your partner in a way

that lights your soul up.  

I completely get it.


I used to think: "It doesn't have to be like this, right?"

It wasn't bad.  We were kinda sorta happy.  

Or maybe we thought we were.

We were also exhausted from chasing toddler twin boys,

working full time at non-conventional jobs

and not maintaining our health.  


We were trying to do everything right, but we were 

finding that we were suffering big time. 

We weren't to the point of considering divorce,

but we had little energy or extra love to offer each other. 

And something shifted.  


I decided I didn't want to think "Is this it?" anymore.  


I loved my partner.  I really did.  

I manifested him. He manifested me.  

We had a beautiful love story full of heartbreak and challenges from the very early stages of our relationship.  


I was ready to honor that love story by learning to understand my health and wellbeing, and so was he. 


I did lots of work, read lots of books and spoke with lots of spiritual teachers along the way so that I could completely understand how I operate in love.  

He did his own work too.  


I learned what I needed in order to be alright when things get hard and how to relish each other often. 


And now, I'm here to share with you: 

You are entitled to a relationship that lights your soul up. 

Right now you can change the course you are on. 



With all of my knowledge and guidance and  a few fun tweaks on your part,

you can have ALL of the things you want in your relationship.

The biggest transformation I have witnessed in myself after embarking on coaching with Katherine, is that I have created more space within myself.  I don’t react as quickly and I now take the time to respond.   I feel lighter and I have tangible goals for the path I am on now.  I put less weight into how others might perceive me and I feel more grounded.  I am calmer with my family and I generally cultivate more joy. I am now more motivated in my daily life and not as hard on myself when life isn’t as forgiving as I would like it to be.

~Jenny Wolfe

Hey, I'm Katherine.

I am a relationship coach

who helps women rewrite their love stories, develop fulfilling relationships and rewire how they operate in love.

I have over a decade of experience working as a psychotherapist and coach to help clients

transform themselves into who they want to be

and how they want to live. 

 I work with women to ignite their fire, create abundance in their lives, have beautiful relationships and live the life of their dreams. 

When I am not coaching women,

you can find me writing for my blog and podcast,

The Happy Love Project,

or writing for publications like

Thrive Global.

What is Abundance in Love Coaching?

Abundance in Love Coaching is a transformational journey for you to create a happier, more connected love

with your partner and yourself.  


Think about this for a second:  


How would it feel to be more satisfied with

your sexuality and passion?  

What about connecting more deeply with your love?  

Or communicating in a crystal clear way?

What would if be life for you to wake up every morning feeling abundant in your relationship and full of happiness?

What if you could change the trajectory of your relationship in a way that you can't wait to spend the rest of your lives together?

How would it feel to have your partner comment regularly on how mesmerizing you are?  

Or, what about your friends telling you that you seem different?  More light and joyful.


At the end of Abundance in Love Coaching, you will know what your unique spark is, and tap into it daily.  

You will feel more passion.  

You will have amazing communication skills to express your needs and hear what your partner has to say.  

By accomplishing specific tasks and reframing your mindset about love, you will be able to rewrite your love story and reconfigure the way you operate in your relationship.



In our first session we will create specific goals regarding how you want to feel in your relationship and your life.  

During each subsequent session, we will focus on attainable and powerful actions to meet your goals.  

You will have me with you throughout the entire coaching program, accessible to connect and guiding you to obtain

the relationship of your desires.




Rewrite your love story.

Reignite your passions.

Rewire how you operate in love.

Reclaim your sexy and attractiveness.

Re-spark your romance.

Connect deeply with your love.

Create more fun in your relationship.

Balance family and alone time.

Create soulful sex.

Create time with your lover.  

Connect you to your spiritual source.

Develop ways to communicate clearly.

Increase your confidence in yourself and in your love.

Become more aligned with your partner,

yourself and your life.


Abundance in Love Coaching is tailored made to meet your goals to have exactly what you want in your relationship.  

You and I will strategically design a program

that serves you and your goals.



What's included:

•  A detailed questionnaire to customize Abundance      

   in Love Coaching for you.

•  A complimentary 45 minute chat to discuss your wants and needs.


•  1 x 90 Minute Goal Setting Video Call Session

•  5 x 60 Minute Video Call Sessions

   (Over the period of 3 months)

•  Individualized program (no cookie cutter strategies here!) 

•  Worksheets to maintain your goals and to keep you on track 

•  Clear and obtainable action steps for each session

•  Unlimited Texting and Email Support

Why is Abundance in Love Coaching For You?

Abundance in Love Coaching is the perfect three months for you to really dive into all the things you want to experience abundance in.  




You are ready create ways for you to feel passionate,

on fire and authentically sexy.


You want to connect into your spiritual source and determine how you connect spiritually with others.


You are eager to develop ways to balance life and love.


You are ready to tap into your sexuality and what lights you up.

You want to get clear on your self love, self worth and self care.

You are ready to master communication skills and communicate completely crystally clear with your love.

You are ready to create a way for you to feel aligned in your life, love and all the things that you do.





Your schedule is too full right now to meet every other week and to accomplish some goal related tasks.




A love life that you wake up to every morning feeling absolutely amazing about?  A connection with your love that feels new?



If everything listed above is tapping into what you want

and need in your relationship and life,

I recommend saying "yes" to this offer soon.  



I would absolutely love to work with you.  



All you have to do right now is click the button below


to schedule your complimentary chat with me to discuss all about how Abundance in Love Coaching will work for YOU.  

You can ask me any questions you want about the program and we can talk all about how we can reach your goals.


 $1499 or Three Monthly Payments of $520

I am happier in my relationships with my husband and my kids when I have had time to take care of myself.  My anxiety is lower as I settle into a self-care routine as well.  My friends and family have noticed that I make more time for myself and my self care.  My husband especially recognizes how important it is for me and also how important it is for him to have self care moments for himself.

~Jennifer Houston

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