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with Katherine

Turned on, soul connected,

flourishing on every level.

You don't have to wait for all of the stars to align to feel like you are flourishing.

You are not here to do small things.  

You are here to do really big things.

Your life gets to be determined on your terms-

not anyone else's.


And you get to flourish in your life + work while feeling like you are in your prime. 

You get to flourish while having fun. 

You get to flourish while feeling connected as fu*k.

You get to do all the things you want while flourishing.

Welcome to a whole new way of being and doing, my friend.

This is not just a business coaching program and leaders often benefit greatly from this work.

This is a soul expanding program.

This is a wealth expanding program.

This is a happiness expanding program.

This is a leadership expanding program.

This is a flourishing expanding program. 

There's a revolution going on out there. 

Have you felt the energy?

The revolution is all about women running their lives and work their own way.

You are exhausted by the old way of doing things. 

You are finished with the strategy and mindset that was

designed to never benefit you.

You are tired of subscribing to a way of life that doesn't fit you.

The transformation that we (you + I) require is all about working smarter, not harder.

It's about living a turned on, fully abundant life.

It's about letting go of all the sh*t that just doesn't serve you.

The transformation on a soul level is all about fully embodying who you are meant to be.

It's about feeling your magic on the inside and wearing it on the outside.

It's about diving into the spiritual, working the practical,

and choosing a path that honors you. 


It's about:

Money.  Connection.  Empowerment.  Flow.  Flourishing.

It's not about subscribing to a hustle mentality,

or a doing an #allthethings way of life.

It's not about pushing yourself to conform to a

way of life that just doesn't benefit you.  

It's not about believing that you will never get it right.  

It's not about being small (in body or in presence).  

It's not about conforming to standards.  

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What if you got to have it all?

Everything you dream of, everything you wish for,

everything your are a little scared of getting...

what if you got to have it all? 

The turned on, soul yes life.

The ease and flow of doing life your way.

The systems in your work that support you along the way.

The most aligned community, support and squad.

The relationships that feel connected.

The family that enjoys each other. 

The home that holds you. 

The work that inspires you and fuels your fire.

The beyond your wildest dreams life.

Overflow of cash and a gorgeous relationship with money.

The full on abundance in life, work, family and money.

The feeling that you are a Queen of your life.

It's time to make a change.

Welcome to Flourish with Katherine, a four month 1:1 program that ignites a full body, leader infused, spiritual change in your life.

We infuse a combination of soul work, healing, visioning and strategizing to empower you to operate from a soul yes, on fire, grounded place.

This is not just a business program.  


This is a spiritual, life changing program.

If business is a part of your life, we will examine it.

But, what we are really doing in this program is shifting how you approach your life,

your relationships and your work. 

The strategy is in the soul work.

The strategy is in the energy work.

The strategy is in the embodiment work. 

It's also the work of figuring out the best combination of tools for you to live your best life.  It's the work of connecting with your internal guidance system  (which the rest of the world doesn't want you to do).  It's the hard work of letting go of what doesn't serve you,

and the beautiful work of actioning your dreams.

The ease + flow + inspiration in business & life is just a byproduct of the work.

My promise to you...

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I promise to you that I will show up with 110% of my energy and knowledge to best support you.  I don't do anything by halves.

I will guide you, create the best tools for you and share my overflowing library of activating tools with you.  I will help you figure out the best books to read, which boundaries to create, and the practices that will serve you. I  will guide you to attract, embody, shift and do the work of your soul. 

I will also help you hone in on your spirit squad- a unique entity that is just yours. 

This work is also my work.

In the past few years I have learned how to be a leader,

shift my money story,

and connect deeply with my husband and children.

I've learned how to not hustle,

how to run a business,

how to develop a podcast,


I've changed my relationship with my body.

I've learned how to love food that nourishes me, change my relationship with alcohol and unsubscribed from the mommy drinking culture

(my relationship with wine is way different now).

I've healed my body from mold toxicity,

and been on a journey to heal my body + and heal my Crohn's Disease and

Hashimoto's Disease diagnoses.

I've stepped into my power,

owned my magic, claimed my identity

and honored my boundaries.

I am a deep thinker, an activator and a guide.  


My background as a psychotherapist and supervisor ignited me to always be curious and open to new possibilities.

If I can do it... If I can flourish... So can you.

You as a flourishing human being...

The Flourishing with Katherine 1:1 Program is completely customized to you and your goals. Here are a few of the ways we can honor you, flourishing:


--->  Shift how you honor your mind, body and soul.

--->  Deeply understand how your body is your temple.

--->  Connect deeply to your own soul work.  

--->  Create daily practices that serve you as the leader of your life and work.

--->  Shift how you engage with your people, your life, your way of being. 

--->  Let go and release anything that is not really yours.  

--->  Let go of expectations, judgements and ways of living that aren't true to you.

--->  Infuse fun, joy, sparkle in your everyday. 

--->  Unsubscribe from what the world thinks you should do.

--->  Parent, run your business, engage in relationships that completely suit you.

--->  Create weekly practices that allow you to do your life in a fulfilled, grounded way. 

--->  Let go of the practices, behaviors or habits that just don't serve you. 

--->  Live your life as if it is truly yours. (Because it is!)

--->  Get super clear on your own abundance on all levels.

--->  Create a beautiful relationship with money.

--->  Shift your mindset around scarcity and abundance.

--->  Shift your behaviors and your actions to truly allow all abundance to flow to you. 

and you as a flourishing, whole leader

We also focus on your leadership role, practices and mission.  Your unique set of skills is the reason you are a leader.  Here are few things we can cover:


--->  Create or revamp your leadership mission. What are you here to do? 

--->  Build your business, your leadership or your work in a way that fuels you. 

--->  Serve your people in a way that's deep and fulfilling.

--->  Create new things! A podcast, a blog, a new course, a membership, a new role...

--->  Lead your people in a way that doesn't sacrifice any of you.

--->  Tap into your inherent power as a leader.

--->  Honor what is happening in the world with your own education of social issues.

--->  Expand your understanding and roles concerning privilege, authority and power. 

--->  Expand and shift how you engage with the patriarchy (the current way life is set up).

Words of Affirmation 

I worked with Katherine Phifer for 1.5 years in a private coaching capacity. In that time, I manifested a job and a romantic relationship beyond my wildest imagination, I purchased a home independently and started an entrepreneurial venture. I 100% believe that I attracted all of those fabulous things into my life because Katherine's coaching helped me to laser focus on what I really wanted, identify what I would feel like when I reached my goals, and eliminate limiting beliefs and roadblocks that I didn't even know I had. My Action Plan was driven by me, but Katherine was there to help when I had blind spots and to make suggestions. She was extremely professional, kind, warm and positive and I always looked forward to our sessions. She held me accountable to do my homework, but was also understanding when life got in the way. And she seemed to have the perfect book or podcast suggestion for every topic that I wanted more information on! If you are ready to claim your power and manifest what you're truly dreaming of, I suggest that you run, not walk, to sign up to work with Katherine! I think that you'll quickly find (like I did) that YOU--and she--are worth the investment.

~Sarah Hogan


Words of Affirmation 

Katherine is simply one of the kindest, authentic and reliable souls I’ve ever crossed paths with.  I know I can always count on her to thoughtfully listen and provide productive thought provoking conscious conversation. She has a special way of holding a safe space to work through life’s challenges - personal and business.  With her support I’ve been able to walk more authentically in the shoes I’m meant to be wearing not the ones society tells me I need to.  Her gifts have helped me open up to receive the blessings life has to offer.  I can’t praise Katherine and her unique way of getting me soul aligned so I can do the work and live the life I’m divinely meant to.  I 1000% recommend working with Katherine. Without her support I wouldn’t be succeed in the way I am today!  Thank you, thank you thank you, Katherine!

~Melissa Mooney-Lopez


Flourish with Katherine 1:1 Program Details

4 Month Minimum*

1 x 90 Minute Goal Setting Session

Weekly 60 Minute Sessions

Monday - Friday Voxer Support

Customized Workbooks, Videos & Meditations

*During week 14 we will discuss if you'd like to extend your coaching further.

Next Steps:

1.) Reach out to Katherine on Instagram DM or e-mail to discuss 

The Flourish with Katherine 1:1 Program (buttons below)

2.)  Have a conversation about the program.

3.) Once you decide that you are "all in," you will be sent a contract to review and sign.

4.).  Once your contract is signed, you will be emailed a payment link for your payment choice.

5.)  After your payment goes through, your coaching work will begin.  You will be emailed link to Voxer and to Katherine's calendar to schedule your 90 minute goal setting session!

P.S. There are limited spots open for the Flourish with Katherine 1:1 Program.  

If your heart and soul are saying "yes," I wouldn't wait!


How do the private 1:1 sessions work?

You have access to my calendar, and are able to schedule your sessions ahead of time. If you have any questions about my schedule, please let me know in your complimentary chat.

How does "On the Go" Voxer Mentoring work?

This feature is usually my client's favorite part of the package. Voxer is a free, downloadable app that allows us to chat back and forth on the go from Monday to Friday. I prefer to use Voxer, but if that doesn't work for you, we can try a different app. This "on the go" feature of your mentoring program allows us to chat back and forth at our own leisure, throughout the day. All of our communication is completely confidential. We process your life, your day, your work in real time.

What's the refund policy?

Hey, I get it. This is a big investment! If, in your first week of coaching you are not 100% feeling the vibe, you will be refunded your investment minus $225. After your first week you will be expected to fufill your investment plan that you agreed upon in your contract. More details about this process are included in your coaching contract.

I have another question.  Who do I reach out to?

My team and I are here to answer any of your questions! You can reach out to

What do you guarantee?

I guarantee that I will show up with 110% of myself, my knowledge and my energy during your coaching experience. I only take on a small number of private clients at any given time so that I can provide you with the best possible service. When you show up with the same intentions and energy as me, there is no possible way that you won't see incredible results in your life, your business and your wealth. But, as my lawyer says, I can't guarantee specific wealth numbers or transformation.