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The Flourishing Leader


A free 5 day online video series

to create more fun, flow & power

in your work & life. 

We were yearning for something different.

In order to be powerful leaders, we desire to flourish.

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Often, the women I work with and know are crazy busy with schedules, families, work and expectations. There is not much room in their lives for time for themselves- let alone any kind of space for rituals.  Their days are filled with taking care of others, working hard, and keeping their lives running smoothly.  


They command tight ships at home and work.

But they want more.  They want time to feel connected to themselves.  

They want to flourish.

And, I declare that it's time to change how we do things.



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Inside the free video series you will:

* Create empowering daily rituals to fuel & infuse your power.

* Know exactly what to do about protecting your space and time.

* Commit to more fun in your life & routines.

* Establish a CEO schedule that works for you.

* Find out where your true creativity lives inside you.

* Develop flourishing leader flow. 

What's Included?

Five Short Videos

A digital gift bag including my popular e-book

Daily Rituals for Your Abundant Life

and other digital goodies