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The Iconic Leader Blueprint

Create the unique code to establish more 

impact, wealth, and time in your life & work.

Watch the introduction & welcome video here!

You are here to make waves with your soul work.  

And in this day and age, we need you more than ever.

The Iconic Leader Blueprint three day mini course will change how you view yourself as a leader. 

Perhaps the word Iconic is a "bit much" 

for what you want to do in your lifetime,

but I don't think so.  

You are here to change lives and

whether you do that at a micro or macro level,

you are still Iconic. 

You can be Iconic and be an introvert.  

You can be Iconic and do your soul work by volunteering.

You can be Iconic and shy away from fame.

You can also be Iconic and influence lives on a global scale.

You can be Iconic and be a full fledged extrovert.

You can be Iconic and love standing on a stage.

The Iconic Leader Blueprint is all about creating a foundation for your legacy so that you 

elevate your impact, expand your wealth and create more time...

Doing your soul purpose work gets so much easier once you do this.

Included in the Iconic Leader Blueprint Mini Course

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Day One

The Iconic Leader Identity

video & workbook

Day Two

The Iconic Leader Strategy

video & workbook

Day Three

The Iconic Leader Legacy

video & workbook


The Secret to

The Iconic Leader

bonus video

what you'll learn 

in this FREE mini course

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* How to create Your Unique Leader Identity by following a detailed series of activation questions.  This is where you develop your own foundation for you as a leader.

* How to develop your own Iconic Leader Strategy to elevate your impact, expand your wealth and influence your time.

*What it means to activate your legacy that

will influence generations to come.  

* The secret behind any Iconic Leader's success.

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Hey, I'm Katherine and I am

your guide through the mini-course.

With over a decade of experience as a crisis intervention psychotherapist and art therapist, and three years as relationship mentor and coach, I know a few things about leadership, business, expanding time, creating impact and juggling life. (Did I mention I am also the mama to very energetic twin 11 year old boys?)  As a mentor and coach, I have a detailed tool box that we can use to elevate your impact, expand your wealth and take back your time. 

What people have said about working with Katherine:


"I feel more self confident.  My inner critic work was invaluable."  ​~ A.B.

"I've created more space for myself.  

I don't react so quickly, and I feel lighter.  

I have a path." ~ J.W. 

"I have significant more clarity, energy and focus." ~ K. A. 

"I have more confidence to go after what lights me up!" ~ A.P.




"Awakening.  Motivating.  Eye Opening." ~  J.W.

"Life changing.  Inspiring.  Grounding." ~ A.B.

"Fun.  Clarifying.  Energizing." ~ K.A. 

"Fun.  Motivating.  Validating." ~ A.P.