with Katherine Phifer

Body Love, 

Happy Love



21 days of beautiful lessons to love your body more, get into an affirming mindset with your body, treat your body like a temple,

and connect deeply with other people.



LOVE your body inside and out.

FIND ways to connect deeply with others while cherishing your body.

KNOW how to take care of your body.

EMPOWER your own internal Queen. 

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You are amazing and stunning. 

I'll help you own it, sister.

Katherine's definition of "body love."

Loving your body has absolutely nothing to do with a number on a scale or the amount of circumference inches your waist is.  Loving your body is about your everyday choices and mindset.  Loving your body is about connecting with your temple on a soul level.


21 Days of Lessons and Deep Level Motivation to increase

your body love.  


We cover THREE distinct themes when it comes to body love:  MINDSET,



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Let's chat about body love for a second, yeah?  

Body love, in my opinion is NOT about being a certain weight, wearing a certain size or having minimal amounts of cellulite.  Body love is about loving your gorgeous body and all it has done for you and all it will do for you.  It comes from within you, and only YOU can love your body fully and unconditionally. 

This 21 day course will JUMP START your love for your body.  We get into how to tweak your mindset so that when you look in the mirror all you see is your gorgeous self.  We get into the actions of how to love your body with movement, nutrition and connecting in with your body through mediation.  AND we of course get into how body love TOTALLY EFFECTS YOUR LOVE LIFE!  I mean... how can it not... if you are naked with someone else your body love is definitely gonna play a role, right?

What people say about the course:

At the beginning of the year I decided it was time to upgrade my mindset and belief around being confident in my own skin. I signed up for Katherine's Body Love, Happy Love course to complement time I had set aside and dedicated towards reflection, journaling and building confidence in the woman I was created to be. I loved how encouraging and practical each of the daily lessons were. They were easy to weave into my daily life and helped me really dive deep into my soul and awaken parts of me that had been quiet and suppressed. 2019 is a big year for me and my family and I believe dedicating time to tend my own garden by doing things like the Body Love, Happy Love course is essential for launching into new things ahead. Thank you Katherine for putting together this GREAT course!

~Erika W.

I really appreciated the thoughtful content and exercises that were given to help me which helped me stay solution focused. I enjoyed the art therapy component.  The course was enlightening, powerful and deep. 

~Kelly P.