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The Iconic Leader Mastermind

Elevate Your Impact, Expand Your Wealth and Take Back Your Time

Your Legacy Enhances When You ...

... Claim your unique power.

... Become fully aligned with your mind, body and soul.

... Step into your Iconic, Queen like nature.

... Utilize your soul and intuition in every situation.

... Adopt a wealth mindset.

...Take back your time.

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You're Invited to The Mastermind, Beauty!

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The Iconic Leader Mastermind is your 2021 academy and portal to create massive impact and legacy for your soul message, to take back your time in all areas of your life and to create increasing wealth flow.  All while rising with a 

dedicated inner circle.

Are you ready for this?

Inside The Iconic Leader Mastermind we focus on your legacy, your time and your money. All three of these subjects contribute to you fulfilling your soul message and changing the world in a deep and meaningful way.


Through the 12 months, I will take you on a journey to elevate your business and your mission so that you can create your biggest desired impact.  We both know you are here to do big things and it's time to unleash your gifts out into the world. 


You will create a unique blueprint for consistent and rising money flow, your own version of fame, and how to work from a place of grounded alignment.  Inside that blueprint you will develop clarity on your daily actions to grow your community, share your message and expand your time.

By fully owning your soul message, you will step into your purpose and power with confidence and clarity.  There will be no more doubt, second guessing, comparing yourself, filtering your message or holding yourself back.  You will show up as your beautiful, authentic self.  You will create a legacy that goes beyond your years of work. 

And let's not forget the dedicated community of soul sisters that will support your Iconic message. As we elevate each other, we elevate ourselves.

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Elevate Your Impact, Expand Your Wealth and Take Back Your Time

Inside The Iconic Leader Mastermind

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Hey, I'm Katherine and I will

be your guide through The Mastermind.

With over a decade of experience as a crisis intervention psychotherapist and art therapist, and three years as relationship mentor and coach, I know a few things about leadership, business, expanding time, creating impact and juggling life. (Did I mention I am also the mama to very energetic twin 11 year old boys?)  As a mentor and coach, I have a detailed tool box that we can use to elevate your impact, expand your wealth and take back your time. 

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Your Expansion Explained

We focus on three primary themes inside the Iconic Leader Mastermind... Your Legacy, Your Wealth Frequency and Your Time.  All of our work comes back to one of these three concepts.  Each concept feeds off of each other as well.  Your legacy increases with your wealth, your wealth increases with your ability to expand time and all three fold on top of each other.

Quickly (almost as if you quantum leaped!) you will master your unique blueprint for your daily actions to take care of your soul, share your message, create influential impact, and rise your consistent wealth flow.

Included is a mindset and frequency makeover that will change how you see the world, how you engage with your business and how you participate in life. 

With your soul aligned, unique message, you will step into your Iconic Leadership status.  You will standout in the crowd, become an industry leader and elevate into your soul purpose and power. 

You will turn your abundance all the way on, create consistent wealth portals, and up level your money mindset.  

You will master your alignment to create your biggest soul desires, develop fabulous boundaries and share your soul message like a badass.  Any form of sabotage, doubt, guilt, and unworthiness will fly out the window. 

We will look at your business and leadership message deeply.  If you have offers to launch, we will dive into the ease and flow of successful launches.  We will get clear on your messaging resources and elevate you to expand your brand to the reach that you want.  We will create alignment in your business so that working is fun and feels super groovy. 

You will tap into your highest self and get the confidence to know exactly what to do daily to align your soul desires and big dreams so that your success, results, freedom and abundance continue to expand with super flow and ease. 

I will take you behind the scenes on my daily, weekly and monthly actions that keep me grounded, in flow, expanding time and connecting with my soul community members on a daily basis. 

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Included in The Mastermind

January to December

• 12 Month Access to the High Level Academy, 

Mastermind and Community


• 1 x Pre Activation 1:1 Session with Katherine to Discuss your 2021 Goals

 • 2 x Mastermind Sessions Per Month (via Zoom)

with "Hot Seat" Coaching

1 x Work Session Per Month

• Monthly Trainings to 

Elevate Your Impact, Expand Your Wealth and Take Back Your Time

• Full Access to the Activation Portal

(an online space for all of your tools)


 Monthly Trainings, Art Activations, Handouts, Homework,

Audio Elevations, Videos, Mediations,

Printable Calendar and Energy Tracker

• High Level Online Global Inner Circle



• Invitation to Future Retreats

• Option to Book a Monthly 1:1 Clarity Session with Katherine 


• 12 month access to Katherine's Signature Program 

The Lead with Soul Method


• The Soul Aligned Leadership Boundaries & Personal Policies Masterclass

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VIP Option

All of the Above Included, Plus:

Customized one on one coaching with Katherine

Weekly or Bi-Weekly 1:1 Sessions

(You decide what works for you!)

Personalized Support

"On the Go" Laser Voxer Coaching M-F

Weekly Office Hours for Katherine's Eyes on Your Work

The Iconic Leader Mastermind is for healers, visionaries, coaches and leaders who are ready to go ALL IN when it comes to living and working in a way that is fully soul aligned and

lit up from the inside. 

This Mastermind IS NOT for you if you are not ready to invest your time, energy and finances into something that will exponentially elevate your life.

The Iconic Leader Mastermind IS for you if you know deep in your soul that you are fully and soulfully ready to dive into your depths so that you will elevate into Iconic impact, expand your wealth and take back your time.

Are you ready for an Iconic Year?

The Iconic Leader Mastermind Enrollment is Now Closed!

Please reach out to if you'd like to be placed on next year's waiting list.