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Inside The Iconic Leader Mastermind

Elevate Your Impact, Expand Your Wealth and Take Back Your Time

The Iconic Leader Mastermind is your 2021 academy and portal to create massive impact and legacy for your soul message, to take back your time in all areas of your life and to create increasing wealth flow.  All while rising with a dedicated inner circle.

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The Academy

The Iconic Leader Mastermind Academy is 12 months of trainings, art activations, audio elevations, homework and videos.  Each month you will receive a recorded lesson regarding the monthly theme.  During our two mastermind sessions per month we will spend a bit of time discussing the monthly theme.

Below is a brief overview of the Academy themes.

January through April 

Impact and Legacy

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You As The Iconic Leader

Your Unique Message

Magnetism & Attraction

Your Legacy

May through August

Time, Time, Time


Life Sustainability 

Business Sustainability

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Boundaries and Personal Policies

Money Honey!

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You and Money

Your Legacy and Wealth 

Your Business and Wealth Expansion

Full on Abundance

September through December

Inside the sessions and global community:

The Mastermind Sessions

Twice a month we meet in our Mastermind Sessions. (That's 24 mastermind sessions over the year!)  

Each Mastermind Session will start with a grounding ritual and breathing activation,

followed by a lesson and an opportunity for a round table conversation

and hot seat coaching.

Each session runs between 60 to 90 minutes.

Activation Portal:

The homework, art activations, videos, audio elevations... etc...

The Work and Activation Portal 

The Activation Portal holds anything that will support you in creating your Iconic Leader blueprint, your elevation to wealth, your expansive legacy and your bountiful time. 

As a former art therapist I am a big fan of using art to tap into your unconscious brain.  (All art activations are optional, and no-one is expected to be an artist.  By using art you may find that you are able to learn so much about yourself that you didn't know.)  I will also share with you an extensive shopping list so you can play as you create art. 

Additional homework includes journal prompts and worksheets.

Audio elevations are designed to support you to your next level.

And extra videos may cover more of the monthly theme, or other healing topics.

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The Community

The online community is your place to share what you are going through, ask for help regarding the ins and outs of your business and life, and create global, life long friendships. 

You'll find the online community a place you access daily for inspiration, love and support. 

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Optional 1:1 Calls

If you need any additional support during your time inside The Iconic Leader Mastermind, each month you will have the opportunity to schedule a private one on one session with Katherine.