Love + Relationships

3 Months to Stop denying your soul,

say yes to your heart and attract the Relationships you are meant to have in your life.

There is no better time than right now

to change how you do relationships.

Feeling shame around unhappy love is over.  

We unsubscribe.  

We are no longer available for

not feeling amazing when it comes to love.






We're totally over that anyways.


We KNOW that the way to find,

cultivate and participate in a happy and healthy relationship

is not through wandering aimlessly through a local book shop,

or scouring the internet late at night taking free quiz after free quiz.  


We want more.  


We want support.  


A new perspective. 

My friend... 

You know that amazing love is meant for you.  

Deep down in your heart.  

You know.  

It's just somewhere along the way things got skewed.


YOU WANT abundance in love!

Babe, I know you do.

Right now, you are all about living THE LIFE.


And, currently your life might include you in one of TWO SCENARIOS....


First, you might be single...  

And, you are focused on developing the career of your dreams,

fitting in a yoga class and meeting up with your girls on the weekend.  

But something is missing.  

And it's been missing for a while.

The boys on Tinder are just not cutting it.  

Happy Hour no longer feels like the place to meet new love.  

And, you've tried stepping out of your comfort zone

and volunteered at a Fun Run to meet new people.  

OR, you are in a committed relationship...  

You did the fabulous wedding.  

You've had the fun getaway trips.  

You may have even had a baby or two.

 You juggle a lot and are legitimately busy.


You've got a lot on your plate.

Work, children, keeping up with your girlfriends 

and even little Fido too.  

But, somewhere along the way you and your lover just stopped sparking.

Things have gotten hum drum in all of the departments.

You hardly connect with each other these days and even worse,

you tend to fight over which household responsibilities are yours.  


Imagine this instead...

You wake up in your amazing bed

and roll over and there is someone next to you that you are so happy to see.

(You are super excited to greet the day, too.)


Your lover wakes and smiles at you.  

You are both eager to spend the day together.

You do all of your favorite things...

breakfast in bed, lazy coffee in a cafe, 

walks in the park, shopping, movies, cooking dinner, making love...

all the things you love to do.


And your lover is so happy to do them with you.  

In fact, there is not other place your lover would rather be.  

And the spark between you... it's so amazing.

AND... If you've been with your partner for a long time...

it's like the spark never dwindled.  

You are working together instead of against each other.  

Your lover is not so tired anymore and you aren't so cranky.

In fact, you aren't cranky at all.


You make time for each other. 

The responsibilities that used to seem like a fight are now easily worked out.  

And the sex... well, its pretty fantastic.  


Honestly, you can't remember a time that you were more content

with the way things are. Things feels so much easier.

You aren't moving through slush anymore.  

In fact, other areas of your life have opened up

in ways you didn't think possible.  


You are on fire.  


Katherine... I'm curious...

WHAT WILL MY LIFE LOOK LIKE AFTER 3 months of coaching?

Your love life will flow in ways you've not experienced before. 

You'll actually experience love on a whole new level.  

If you are attracting in new love...

The people on Tinder/E-Harmony/Whatever App is popular 

won't know what happened to your vibe or energy.


If you are in a committed relationship... 

Your lover won't be able to keep his/her hands off of you. 

You'll take care of yourself in whole new ways.  

All of a sudden you'll have more energy,

feel amazing and you'll actually glow.

You'll start creating boundaries in other parts of your life.  

You'll start to use the techniques you've learned in all parts of your life.  

You'll feel confident, in your own power and unstoppable in you love life. 


during your 3 month intensive Program

You Could...

*heal your heart

*heal your mindset

*remember your poweR

*stop behaviors that aren't serving you

*Start manifesting a new life

*Change old patterns in love

*change how you attract love

*Create more spark with your partner

*Connect with your soul

know what it takes...


I get it.  I know it.  I've had to do some big internal work to change how I do love- both in the attracting fabulous love AND in the maintaining a healthy, life long relationship.  


And I know how to inspire you to have yours too.  

I am your guide through whatever process you need to get through. Healing, manifesting, changing your life, letting go of behaviors that don't serve you, remembering your power... I've got you, babe.


Whether it's through my professional training, my experience working with people for over 15 years, or my own life experiences of unhealthy and healthy love, I will guide you through your own process of changing how you do love.  You can learn more about me HERE.

And that hottie I'm kissing in Paris?  That's my husband, Anthony.  In that photo we were celebrating 10 years of happy, healthy love- and now we are going on 13 years.  We've never been more connected or in love.  It has only gotten better. 

What is the love + relationships program?

The Love + Relationships Coaching Program 

is a 12 week individual coaching program that is laser focused

on attracting the love you deserve and letting go of what doesn't serve you.

This program is all about that ONE thing that's holding you back

when it comes to love in your life,

and then working to transform it for your happier, soul aligned life.




• 1 x 90 Minute Goal Setting Session

•11 x 60 Minute Weekly Individual Virtual Video Sessions

• Unlimited "On the Go" Coaching with

Voxer Voice Messaging & Text Messaging, Monday - Friday

• Custom Made Meditations and Videos to Create Rapid Shifts

(With Lifetime Access)

•Custom Made Worksheets & Journal Questions


• Lifetime access to Katherine's Mediation Album ($49 Value)

• Lifetime access to The Happier Love Course ($97 Value) 

• Lifetime access to the

The Love Abundance Vision Board Masterclass ($49 Value)


Why wait any longer to engage in the healthiest love meant for you?  You could wait your whole life hoping it all comes together.  I know for me, any massive leaps towards all kinds of up-leveling came with seeking and investing in guides who could support me on the way. Financial leaps can be scary, but you are worth the investment.  There's info about policies around refunds in the FAQs section below.

How this works:

Reach out to Katherine via Instagram DMs or via email.  

Chat with Katherine about the program.


Being your coaching experience after you sign your contract, pay your invoice and schedule your goal setting session!




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