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From the bedroom to the boardroom (or zoom room), 
ignite your spark and 
lead from passion.

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I'm Katherine Phifer.

Your body.
Your mind.
Your soul.

We find out what lights your spark and we ignite it from the inside.

It was meant to be pleasurable.

Your life, I am referring to.

It was meant to be pleasurable, expansive and abundant too.

You are meant to feel good.

Connected. Grounded. Inspired. Empowered.

You are meant to lead a highly successful company and

be resourced from within.

You are meant to feel passionate,

turned on, luxurious and powerful.

You are meant to fuel yourself while fueling others.

You are meant to access your magic.

You are meant to rewrite the story about what you deserve

and how you deserve it.

You are meant to turn your fire all the way on.

You are meant to have spicy sex, make tons of money and be an impactful leader all at the same time.

This is #LoverVibes.

You are the lover you have been waiting for.


Lover is a potent portal that will ignite 

your internal spark.

The container is an intimate, luxurious,

inner circle of eight.

It is designed to fuel your spark, ignite your passion

and elevate you to your desired self.

You are your own lover.

From within your body, to your mind and into your soul we dive into the depths of healing and empowerment. 

Lover is about your passion.

Lover is about your sacred self.

Lover is about your vitality.


It's time to
listen to your soul, Lover.

What happens inside of Lover?

Lover is an intimate inner circle for eight women only.  Like a mastermind, the magic

happens on the live coaching calls. 

8 weeks, 6 live coaching calls, and a library of resources for your own

unique expansion and healing.

Katherine Phifer









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