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Iconic Magical Leader Mastermind

with Katherine Phifer

You have magic in your bones.  

You have power in your veins.  

You are Iconic.  You are Aligned.  You are Divine.

The Iconic Magical Leader Mastermind 

is a 10 month high level container for you to embrace your magic, step into your power,

lead from a place of grounded soul 

and expand your legacy.

Your Legacy Enhances As You ...

... Claim your magic.

... Become fully aligned with your

mind, body and soul.

... Step into your Iconic,

Queen like nature.

... Utilize your soul and intuition in

every situation.

What if 2021 is your year?

I mean, 2020 was full of all kinds of lessons and truths...

but what if it created the foundation

for your quantum leap

into your next level of wealth,

sustainability and alignment?

Hello, you have arrived.

An Iconic Magical Leader creates her own strategy & methods, works from a place of grounded soul and lives her life in all of it's fullness. 

It's time to reclaim who you are and why you are here.

You have ...

Gifts that are meant to be shared. 

Wealth meant to be accumulated.

A vision meant to be followed through.

Relationships meant to be cherished.

A life meant to be enjoyed.

A message meant to be heard.

A legacy meant to be unleashed.

Step into your Iconic Magic Leader shoes and run a wealthy,

soul aligned business.

Your are worthy of your dreams, your goals and your passions.

You don't have to sacrifice your time, your body, your family or your truth because that's what the rule makers say or expect.

You are a magical, fantastic soul that never fit inside a box,

why would now be any different?

Infused in every part of this ten month mastermind

you will find magic, soul healing, soul alignment and a 

divine invitation to reclaim your identity,

your power and your legacy.

#5. Sustainability

>> Create more space in your life. 

>> Manage your time more effectively.

>> Fuel your life & biz from the inside out.

>> Develop funnels and practices for flow.

>> Create business sustainability.

>> Create energy sustainability. 

>> Create wealth sustainability.

>> Create relationship sustainability.

#3. Leadership

>> Design your leadership identity. 

>> Master your abundant and leadership mindset.

>> Create your own rules. 

>> Embody yourself as a visionary thought leader.

>> Attract the highest vibe team & clients.

>> Create & manage leadership policies. 

>> Create healthy leadership practices.

#4. Business

>> Run your business & leadership role with ease. 

>> Get incredibly clear on your offers & roles. 

>> Develop your brand mission. 

>> Streamline your entire business & work.

>> Create clarity on how you communicate.

>> Work smarter, not harder.



>> Up level your relationships.

>> Develop ultimate love abundance.

>> Love deeply & authentically. 

>> Create deep, fulfilling relationships.

>> Communicate clearly.

>> Honor your friend relationships

& sister wound healing.

>> Enjoy your relationships with co-workers & teams.


#2. Impact+Legacy

>> Tap into your infinite magnetism. 

>> Create your legacy for your work & mission.

>> Influence the world with your unique message.

>> Design your message for wide reaching impact.

>> Find the best platform for your message 

   (Social media, email, podcasting galore)

>> Develop a team that loves your mission.

>> Become aligned on all levels (aligned af). 

>> Stand out in your industry.

The Iconic Magical Leader Mastermind is for healers, visionaries, coaches and leaders who are ready to go all in when it comes to living and working in a way that is fully soul aligned.  

January - October 2021

Inside the Iconic Magical Leader Mastermind

1 x Pre-Activation 1:1 Session with Katherine

3 x Mastermind Coaching Sessions Per Month

January through October 

Monthly Mastermind Themes

Access to the Healing Sanctuary

(an online portal for all of your activations and tools)

Homework, Meditations, Activations, Handouts, Videos and Journal Questions

Monthly Printable Calendar & Energy Tracker


Online Community, Lifetime Friendships,

Future Retreats


1 Year Access to The Lead With Soul Method

(Katherine's Signature Leadership Program)


*Bi- Weekly Coaching Sessions 

*On The Go Voxer Support M-F 

* Office Hours 1 x Week

You are magical being filled with so much power.  Inside the first month we tap into YOU, your magic and your leadership style.

During this month we will get incredibly clear on your gifts, your message and what you want to unleash into the world. 

What is an Iconic Leader?  YOU!  When you are an Iconic Leader, you can't help but attract in the people you are meant to lead. 

We have been programmed that success is only achievable if we work our asses off.  But, sometimes there are ways we can work in tune with our bodies and energies instead of working to the bone and forcing everything.

We could spend the entire 10 months talking about money, right?  In this month we are going to get uber clear on getting to that next level wealth.

Piggy-backing onto money, abundance is another thing we could talk for hours about! Your abundance will be firing on all cylinders after this month.

Magnetize and attract your community, clients and employees.  Get incredibly clear on how to attract the right soul aligned people to your world.

If you don't have sustainable practices and plans in place for your life and business, ya might burn out. ( I know I did.) Let's talk about how to create sustainability in your work.

We operate in a world of relationships. In this section we will work to heal old stories and patterns so that you love deeply and connect powerfully. 

You have a powerful legacy to create lasting change in your life and the lives of the people you serve. This final month will combine all of the previous lessons to emphasize your legacy for years to come.

Inside The Mastermind Classes, Online Community, 

Healing Sanctuary & Lead With Soul Method Program

The Iconic Magical Leader Mastermind is for that "all in" kind of person who is ready to up-level her life in deep and powerful ways.  We are going to go deep.  In fact, expect a quantum leap into the next level for you, your business and your life.  And, expect to have so much fun, too. (I mean, I'll be there, so of course we are going to have fun!)  

The Mastermind Class Sessions

Three times a month we meet in our Class Mastermind Sessions.  Each Mastermind Session will start with a grounding ritual and breathing activation, followed by a lesson and an opportunity for a round table conversation

and hot seat coaching.

Each session you will be offered homework, handouts

journal questions and other fabulous

up leveling activations for you and your expansion.

The Online Community

The online community is your place to share what you are going through, ask for help regarding the ins and outs of your business and life, and create global, life long friendships. 

You'll find the online community a place you access daily for inspiration, love and support. 

1 x Pre-Activation 1:1 Session with Katherine

3 x Mastermind Coaching Sessions Per Month

January through October

Monthly Mastermind Themes

Homework, Meditations, Activations, Handouts, Journal Questions

Monthly Printable Calendar & Energy Tracker

Online Community, Lifetime Friendships,

Future Retreats


1 Year Access to The Lead With Soul Method

(Katherine's Signature Leadership Program)


And receive all of the above plus

Bi- Weekly Private Coaching Sessions with Katherine 

Plus On the Go Voxer Coaching (Monday - Friday)

And Weekly Office Hours

Are You Ready to Go All In?

Check in with yourself and then apply below.

Iconic Magical Leader Mastermind

January - October 2021


Pay in Full


Payment Plan

Deposit: $500

10 monthly payments: $200

VIP Iconic Magical Leader Mastermind

January - October 2021


Pay in Full


Payment Plan

Deposit: $2500

10 monthly payments: $720

The Iconic Magical Leader Mastermind

F A Q s

This is a large investment. How do I wrap my mind around it?

I know, I know. Listen... investing in yourself, your business and your life is a big deal! I get it!I have invested a lot of money into my health, wellness, business growth, mindset, relationship with money and even my own emotional healing. I'm glad I did. When making your decision I find it helpful to step into the person you desire to be- that next level boss queen, making 6 or 7 figures. What action would she take in this moment? How does she invest in herself? Allow yourself to tap into your soul. Your soul always knows what the best decision for you will be.

What if I pay my deposit and then something comes up and I'm unable to do the Mastermind?

Any payments you make are non-refundable. When you sign your contract, you will be asked to make the financial committment to pay for The Aligned Mastermind, either in full or through a payment plan. Your deposit holds your spot inside The Aligned Mastermind- both physically and energetically. If, for some sort of medical or emotional reason you are not able to fufill your committment inside The Aligned Mastermind, your payments will still be required, and you will be invited to the next round of The Mastermind in 2022.

Is this mastermind for only business owners?

No! The Iconic, Magical Leader Mastermind is not only for business owners. Whether you work for yourself, or someone else... or even if you are just fully ready to up-level your life and leadership skills... this mastermind is about YOU formost, and then all the other fabulous things that go into you being that leader. The Iconic, Magical Leader Mastermind is for visionaries, CEOs, coaches, wellness providers, business owners and any who's here with a big mission and legacy to share with the world.

I have another question!

Please feel free to reach out to!

How long are the class/mastermind and work sessions? Are they recorded?

Class/Mastermind sessions run between 60-90 minutes and are always recorded if you happen to miss us that week.







#1. Money Honey

>>Heal your relationship with money.

>>Become abundant on all levels.

>>Infuse practices into your day for wealth increase.

>>Create a bigger impact with your wealth.

>>Change your money mindset.

>>Create wealth expansion to 6 figure years.

The Healing Sanctuary

The Magic Sanctuary is an holds all kinds of tools for your to heal, grow, up level and quantum leap.  Included inside the Sanctuary will be EFT Tapping Videos, Meditations, Audio Activations, Tools, Journaling Handouts and so much more.  You will be coming back to this Sanctuary daily to tap into your soul and step into the energy of Iconic Leadership.

The Lead with Soul Method

The Lead with Soul Method is a 6 week intensive program that covers all thing leadership and soul.  Inside the program we get clear on Leadership Magnetism, Leading with Soul, Productivity, Abundance Practices and so much more.  As part of the mastermind, you have access to The Lead With Soul Method Program for the entire year. (The program will be held 2 to 3 times during the year.) 

Inside the monthly themes...






Customizing your own method to fit your business & life doesn't have to be complicated, hard or require you to step out of your own self.  Your business method and life method can work for you and with you.

You are a unique, fabulous soul.  There's no one who leads like you, lives like you, or thinks like you.  Your soul & spirit play a huge part in how you lead, how you live and how you operate your business. This is the magic.

As we expand your reach, your audience, your business, your work and your self we combine a unique blend of your method (whatever that method is) and your empowering soul. 

Katherine's Aligned Leadership Methodology

Welcome, Love!

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