You are the Leader, the Queen,

the Boss of Everything

Private Mentoring  is for the established priestess, business owner, CEO, healer, coach, mentor, witch, mystic or leader who is ready to let go of old paradigms of leadership and live and work utilizing the flow of the sacred feminine, the structure + strategy of the divine masculine and personalized, unique power within. 


In this intensive, high touch, high level, immersive experience we will:

• Create a foundation of intimacy with yourself and your life.

This is deep, powerful work that requires healing and expansion.

* Infuse a higher level of consciousness in your entire existence.

I'll show you how to connect deeply in with your spirit team, your own higher self and your innate intuitive and psychic gifts. 

* Create solid foundations to your business, leadership and life so that you feel rooted in your own power.  This is where we look at your health, your mindset and your soul expression.

We shift what isn't working and expand what does.

* Create the capacity in yourself and in your work to expand to your next level

(and know how to expand to the next level after).  You need a fully resourced well to tap into and we create it for you in the juiciest, most fun way.

* Create maintainable longevity in your life, business and leadership so that you are constantly inviting in more cash flow, attracting in the right people,

and allowing for more ease in your work. 

* Create massive shifts in your business, relationships, abundance and leadership-

literally on all levels.  If you are ready to hit a new financial baseline (like those multiple figure months, or you are ready for the best love of your life, or you want to rock how you run your business, this is where we do that.)



In my mentoring work I utilize a holistic approach (meaning your entire life impacts your empire and your empire impacts your entire life).  


I am leadership focused, and we look at every aspect of your existence from the prospective that you are the Sovereign Queen of your work + life.  


I also use my psychic and intuitive gifts to get into the heart of you and your life. I channel specifically with your empire as well as your higher self to explore the best for your on all levels of your life.


One of my best strengths is that I am fabulous at helping you see your life from the 30,000 foot level while also simultaneously look at your life from the inside out.  


In our work together we map out your business, leadership + life so that it all layers upon each other in the most aligned way.  


We work on letting go of the paradigms that are not in your highest good so that you can focus on what excites and fuels you.


And we totally make room for all the messiness that life brings to the table.



This is a fun, no holds barred experience.  


Private Mentoring with Katherine is not for you if you are not ready to go fully in and up level your entire life. This experience is not for you if you want to dabble with changing your life.  This is a deep, sacred container that we both show up with 110% of ourselves to create the life you didn't even know was possible for you.


Here are the Details: 


6 Month Minimum Container

Three 60 Minute 1:1 Sessions per month

Intimate Voxer Catalyst Coaching  

(Monday through Friday)

Customized Supportive Tools like Meditations, Visualizations, Activations +  Workbooks


$2500 monthly payments

Disclaimer: I love this program and I deeply believe in the principles and lessons inside it. The success stories on my client love page are from real live people who have worked with me and received incredible results. According to my attorney, I am required to tell you: I don't guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on that page may not be typical for all students.