Modern Leader

Let's Expand the Table for Modern Leaders

All the juicy details about the entire Modern Leader Program are listed below.  This 6 week program contains 6 modules full of course material, spells, and an entire section of supportive tools.

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I want you to fit this program into your life.  No doubt that you are busy and your time is precious.  This program is designed to be used while you are waiting in the car line picking up your kids at school. While you are putting your makeup on in the morning. While you walk outside.  While you are riding the train.  While you drive to wherever you need to go.

Each lesson has an 
assignment to take the work deeper.  This is where you can sit down and do the work.   In my opinion, shifting, growing and learning ought to fit into the tapestry of your life.  All supportive tools can assist you through the energy + healing that we all require.

The Modern Leader Modules


Lessons Include:

What does healthy + happy + modern mean?

How do you find healthy + happy + modern?

A break down of health- mentally, physically & spiritually.

Your daily vibe.

Happiness is a priority.

Daily rituals for the modern leader.


Lessons Include:

Why we are programmed for competition instead of community.

How to re-write our scripts for more evolved leadership.

 Healing the sister wound.

Healing the community wound.

Healing ancestral wounds.

Healing the witch (persecution) wound.

Boundaries that make the world go round.


Lessons Include:

The magic of embodiment.

Womb connection.

How to magnetize what you want orgasmically.

Using pleasure, fun & joy to increase your ability to lead.

Tapping into your infinite intuition.

The energetic frequency of you.


Lessons Include:

The reclamation of the feminine.

The divine + wounded feminine & masculine ----

How to recognize the difference in ourselves and how to move towards the divine.

Your vision for your life + work.

All things manifestation... including my 5 step process and how to manifest your dreams.


Lessons Include:

The wealthy woman.

Re-writing your money story.

Shifting, managing and increasing your wealth.

The energy of money.


Lessons Include:

The Queen You.

Your leader identity.

Your leader policies.

Your leader communication style.

The hard parts of being a leader and what to do about it.

The Modern Leader Spells

It wasn't until quite recently that I realized that I was doing quite a bit of witchy spells in my life and my work to manifest positive things.  I realized after a quick search that my love of healing with crystals, energy intentions and intuition were all a part of my unique magic.

The Modern Leader Spells support you through your journey to you as the Modern Leader.  There is one spell per module for you to practice.

The Modern Leader Sanctuary

Inside the Modern Leader Sanctuary is a whole tool box of support for you to access whenever you like.  

Tools include things like:

Custom EFT Tapping Videos

Custom Guided Meditations

Custom Guided Visualizations

Custom Audio Activations

Custom Journal Prompts + Workbooks

The Modern Leader Program runs for 6 weeks, for you to fully shift yourself into a modern leader.


During the 6 weeks, each module is released weekly.  There are 6  live trainings with Katherine, 2 Energy Healing calls and 1 Q+A call.

All of the trainings and video calls are always recorded for you to re-watch or watch at a later time if you can't make it live.  The live trainings typically last 60-90 minutes and are a blend of teaching and hot seat coaching.  


The Energy Healing calls and the Q+A call typically last 45 - 60 minutes.

When you join Modern Leader, you have access to all of the course content, all of the live trainings, all of the spells, and all of the supportive tools, for life.  


You can use this program again + again to heal, code and shift your life and leadership.

The Modern Leader Live Trainings