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Modern + Magical

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with Katherine Phifer

an online program + community to ignite the fully magical you.

For the leaders, the boss babes, the healers, the guides,

the coaches, the teachers, the visionaries, the dreamers.

For the world changers.

You have arrived.

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You have magic in your bones and power in your veins. 

What does it take to live a magical life?

What's required?  Needed?  Wanted? 

What do you desire to let go of so that

you can live into your fully magical life? 

How do you unravel, remove, un-layer... to be you?

What do you invite into your realm to be fully powerful?

How do you create, manifest, invite... to ignite your true self?

For centuries we have been required to hide our magic, our spiritual gifts, our intuition, our power and

often our true selves.  


Even now, our world is run by powers that don't necessarily want us to slow down, stop, breathe, become connected, or to be happy.  The powers actually benefit if we are anxious, depressed, lonely, scared or sick.


But, there's a deep calling to change our ways.


There's a revolution happening.  

This is the time to claim our own power, change our lives and live under our own rules.


The magic happens when take care of ourselves, love ourselves, connect deeply with the planet, create soulful relationships, and create our own rules when it comes to soulfully engaging with our lives.

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Modern + Magical

Hey, I'm Katherine.  I've worked with people for over seventeen years to ignite their own magic (without knowing that was what I was doing).  I started my journey in my Master's degree program to be an art therapist and psychotherapist.  I then worked with teenagers in crisis for a decade, and now as a mentor and guide for (mostly) women.   Business, love and leadership have been the primary focus for my programs and coaching, but it wasn't until quite recently that instead of picking one to focus on, I was being soulfully called to address them all.

Owning myself as a magical, spiritual person took a long time of unraveling.  In fact, it was't until life slowed way down in 2020 for me to recognize  what my magic really contains. 


Believe me, my critical mind has a lot to say about the word "magic."  I've done the formal training, the informal training, the life experience, and faced my own demons again and again to finally say- I've arrived.  And I know, deep in my soul, you are on the path too. 



Life never happens in a vacuum, and neither do we. Along with my above titles, I am a third culture kid (I grew up outside the culture of my parents), I studied photography and religion in university, and I am a big foodie.  I am also mama to twin boys and an angel daughter.  I am married to my match.  I've lived with autoimmune issues for 24 years, and I am on the path to healing Crohn's Disease with food and supplements. 

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The modern + magical program is designed to be

completely inclusive and welcoming. 

Topics We Cover Inside The Modern + Magical


Program & Community


Healing Your Body + Soul + Mind

(Body Love, Soul Love, Mind Love)

Daily Rituals to Create Magic

Magical Money

Sister Wounds

 Sister Hood

Grief & Loss

Magical Love

Modern Partnership 

Modern Parenting

Claiming Abundance

Magical Food

Manifesting + Mindset

Feminine Leadership

Masculine + Feminine Energy

Claiming Power

Overcoming Fear of Persecution (and the Witch Wound)

The Matriarchy & Patriarchy

Sacred Time

The Stars + Moon

What's Included

New Monthly Recorded Trainings

Access to All Past Trainings

2 x Live Monthly Calls 

(always recorded)

Sacred 24/7 Online Community

(potentially not on Facebook)

Special Invitation to

New Programs 


The Healing Library full of Tools and Resources

(including printable guides, meditations, calendars, videos)


I want this program to be so beautifully

magical, powerful, and inspiring.  

With that said, I would love your help as it

is birthed into the world.


Join the Beta Modern + Magical Program

for a special price of

$20/month for 3 months

(a $60 payment for January, February & March 2021).   

During the 3 months, I will be seeking a little bit of your feedback as I create the program.

If you love the program + community

(which I really hope you do!),

you will be invited to stay at

a monthly payment plan of $20/month OR $240/annually.

When the program is formally launched in April in 2021,

it will be priced much higher for the first round of enrollment.

(Currently, this program is planned to be

released in April at $35/month.) 

Want to Join the Beta Program?