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Abundance Makeover? Yes, Please!

I'm all about a good makeover. Stale energy out, new energy in. The cool thing about makeovers (the kind I like, at least) is that they accentuate what already exists. They support you to elevate what's working, and to let go of what isn't. Makeovers signal to ourselves and the world that we've had an upgrade and we are ready for new vibes in our lives.

An abundance makeover is all about shifting how you see and do prosperity- on all levels of your life. When you start to shift how you approach money, you also shift how you approach love, relationships and friendships. And, honestly, you can go through many abundance makeovers throughout your life.

When I decided to be done with scarcity and drama in love, I was done. I was ready to manifest and attract in a new kind of love. And I did. When I decided that I was done with playing by the scarcity rules in running my business, I learned a new way to connect with my soul clients. When I decided that my health needed an upgrade, I dove in with both feet and shifted how I interacted with my entire life in order to feel better in my body. All of these things played a part in upgrading my abundance, holistically.

And then, I realized that in order to shift how other's approached their own leadership roles, and how they impacted lives on the micro and macro levels, that abundance was a key player to the foundation of their legacy. Because when you feel better, everything around you is better. When you feel abundant, you attract more abundance. When you create a foundation of flourishing, it all flourishes. There's no longer a scarcity game, or a burnout game or even a feast and famine game. The abundance foundation ends up creating sustainable, flourishing prosperity. And it gets to be easy. It gets to be fun.

If you want to subscribe to a hustling mentality because it makes you feel successful, I say go for it. But if hustling makes you feel like crap, and if it burns out your soul, let's find another way to approach life, work and leadership. If hustling lands you feeling like you have to sacrifice something else in your life, then it might be time to ask yourself if that kind of thinking and moving actually works for you?

I used to hustle like my life depended on it. And then I would get sick. Or, I would feel like I was not being the best mommy I could be. Or, I felt like my time wasn't my own. Getting good at hustling meant that I learned how to work hard and to work fast. I was an efficient, perpetual moving machine. I was up at the crack of dawn, organizing my family and awake into the night, trying to calm my anxiety. I lived for my vacations. I worked and worked until I was satisfied that my work was done. And my body, my mind and my soul suffered. I felt even more scarcity because there was nothing left to give to myself. I felt stuck on a hamster wheel, and if I got off, I would fail.

And then one day I realized that my life didn't have to be this way, even if my entire whole world said so. I was ready to do things my way, and to feel more abundance than I ever had before. I searched for new ways to think and be. I looked for mentors that would inspire life long change in how I approached things. I allowed myself to let go of the anxiety of not appearing perfect. I wasn't a perfect mommy, I was a good mommy. I wasn't a perfect leader, I was a good leader. I wasn't a perfect therapist or coach, I was a good one. And that made all of the difference.

My prosperity started with changing my relationship with abundance. I began to shift how I saw the world. I let go of behaviors like people pleasing and perfectionism. I believed I was worthy of prosperity on every level of my life- in love, in relationships, in friendships, in money and in work.

The paradigm around how we show up and get to live in this world is shifting. We are becoming more conscious of our relationship with abundance and how it impacts our entire lives. We are changing how we think and how we approach our own prosperity. We are inviting in more cash flow, more love, healthier lifestyles, healthier relationships and better connections with the people we lead (clients or employees). We are taking our power back when it comes to our own prosperity. We are allowing new ways to see and be become our next guidepost to feeling connected and happy. The work is deep, and it means shifting into a whole new way of showing up in this world.

If you are ready for an abundance makeover, I would love to invite you into my new program The Prosperity Blueprint. This is a three week, fast activating program that will uncover your unique prosperity blueprint so that you experience all of the abundance that is meant for you. As a leader, coach, visionary or healer, I know you are here to do big things and this program supports you to create a foundation of abundance so that you impact your work, on a micro and macro level, with ease.

The live round of this program begins on Monday, April 26th, 2021 and I would absolutely love to have you in there! You can read about the program and grab your seat HERE.

With love,


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