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Be Bold In Your Desires- How to Create Crystal Clarity For What You Want

I've been doing a lot of manifestation and abundance work over the past few years. I've invested in a number of books and programs about attracting more of what I desire. I've watched hundreds of hours of videos about manifestation. I've taught programs that focus on energetic frequency and manifestation. And, often manifestation is a huge part of my leadership mentoring work.

Here's what I want you to know today: I believe that living your best life impacts how you lead your masses. I believe that you having your desires and living your desired life directly impacts the people you support and who you lead. Our leadership flourishes when we flourish. And my desire for you is flourish exponentially.

For myself and usually for the people I work with, we often find creating the clarity around what we desire challenging. Sometimes it feels like we are being too demanding. Old programming can keep us from actually allowing ourselves to be clear around what we like. We get caught up in how we would relate to others if we found ourselves actually living in our desires.

Barriers to desires clarity can include:

• Mindset and beliefs around not being good enough or deserving enough for our desires.

• Mindset and beliefs that we "should" be grateful for what we have and not ask for more. (Gratitude is a must, but I don't believe we are greedy for wanting more.)

• The idea that a lot of blood, sweat and tears will be involved if we move towards our desires.

• Worry that we won't ever make it to our desires, so why even bother thinking about them in the first place?

• Mindset and beliefs around negative ways that people who have our desires behave.

• Unconscious programming from our parental figures around what we desire.

• Fears around what will happen if or when we actually make it to our desires.

• Cultural and patriarchal paradigms that keep us stuck in a life that isn't fully what we desire.

All of these barriers to clarity are valid- but they are also moveable and transmutable. We don't have to believe those things. We don't have to buy into the mindset, programming or beliefs that say we can't have what we want. The Universe is infinite and abundant, and whatever you desire is fully available to you.

What I've learned though, is that no one can dream up your desires for you. No one can be clear on what you would like your life to look like but you. The only person who really can know and feel what you'd like to experience, have and be, is you.

To be bold and clear about your desires, I recommend figuring out what kind of clarity practice works best for you. Perhaps you are able to visualize your desires, down to the paint color of every room in your dream home. Or maybe you do better writing it all out. You might be a vocal manifestor and need to speak your desires into the world. I recommend knowing what works for you, and then start to really dream about what you want in your life. If there were no barrier to what you want, and if it was really easy, what would you love to have your life look and feel like?

You can't be overly clear here. You can't be overly detailed. So, go for it. Dream away. Be as specific as possible.

I have a few things that I am actively manifesting that I want to share with you. These are just ideas for you to bounce off of, not necessarily things you need to manifest too! Also, with each of these things, I would write in my journal why it is important, or I would go into more detail about each item.

- Ways for my boys and husband to be as happy as they can be.

- Overflow of money so that there is always more than enough for us.

- The healthiest, fittest body.

- A closet full of clothes I love wearing.

- A luxury, first class trip to the Mediterranean coast.

- Christmas in London, England.

- A gorgeous house with a pool and fairy lights in the backyard.

- A booked out new program + mastermind, full of the most fabulous, connected, lovely beings.

- A full service team to support my business.

And the list goes on. The next step after gaining clarity around what we desire is to take inspired action towards the desires- but that's a conversation for another day.

Also, don't worry. What you desire will come to you in the best form it is meant to. One mantra/prayer I always say, "Please let it be this or something better."

Until next time, be amazing and do fabulous things.


Katherine xx

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