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Conscious + Visionary Queens

Conscious= "aware of and responding to one's surroundings."

Visionary= "thinking about or planning the future with with imagination or wisdom."

Queen= "the female ruler of an independent state." (Not binary to gender in this case.)*

Welcome to Conscious + Visionary Queens, a community, blog, v-log and audio log (would that be an a-log?) that is dedicated to being and uplifting Conscious, Visionary Leaders. If you run a business, lead a team, are a healer, a coach, a wellness provider, are the CEO to a company, or have a mission on this planet to change it for the better... you belong here.

It's taken me a second to get here. When I started my business in 2017, I desperately wanted to meld "living your happiest life" with "engaging in your best relationship". I tried both hats on, together and separately. It wasn't until the spring of 2020 that I realized that I have A LOT to say about leadership along with living an authentic and grounded life. Let's also throw in the pursuit to engage in resounding, beautiful love and you've got what I'm moving towards in my my message and my business. It is all connected, and I finally get how. It starts and ends with YOU. Just like it starts and ends with ME.

To be a Conscious + Visionary Queen you are not only aware and responding to your surroundings, but you also are planning about the future with your gorgeous, creative mind. AND, on top of that you are a leader. You are a leader of people, of teams, of businesses, of thoughts and of ideas.

I know that as the Conscious + Visionary Queen that you already are, you have run into trials, tribulations and road blocks along the way. I know that it hasn't been easy and that sometimes life is crazy and messy. I also know that you have a mission and message that fuels you. You and your message are incredibly important to this Earth right now, and I want you to be able to share it without feeling like you are choosing it over something else that is equally important. I also don't want you to feel like you have to burn your bright light out in the process. We need your light. We need you to share your light in your own authentic voice. And, we need you to share your light without losing yourself along the way.

It isn't easy to be a Conscious + Visionary Queen, but it doesn't have to be hard either (hard gives me hives and makes me want to take a nap, so I try to avoid hard at all cost!). It is time to own your message, lead with love, listen to your soul, feel sustainable in your life and your work WHILE ALSO not burning out your light, causing yourself stress and overwhelm or feel like you are spinning in circles down into a deep hole.

You are a Conscious + Visionary Queen and without further delay, it's time to grab your crown, own the power that's always been inside you, and share your bright light.

Are you ready?

I shared these three questions on an Instagram Live the other other day (that was then shared as an IGTV and a video on Facebook) and I don't want you to miss them, because they are important to you as the Visionary, Conscious Leader that you are.... so here they are:

1) What are the stories about your life and who you are that are you ready to drop?

2) What about your identity are you ready to shift?

3) What are you now ready to do?

Grab your journal and get to answering those questions. I have a feeling some powerful answers will be revealed.

Until next time, be amazing and do fabulous things.

With love,


*Definitions were found Google.


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