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It's not about stepping into your next level. It's about embodying her from the inside out.

Becoming the Sovereign Leader of your life, your business and your soul work, is all about embodying the Queen you desire to be. It's about saying yes to the things, thoughts and practices that ignite your soul, while gently excusing yourself from everything else. It's about allowing yourself to speak your truth and shine from the inside out.

It's about hearing those little thoughts that say "Maybe it would be better if....". Even if the "better if" means a lot more work. And often, when we say yes to ourselves, it means some kind of shedding.

Here's what I found out about myself as I did the work to become a Sovereign Leader:

I was a good and nice girl.

But, there was a little bit of a rebellious piece to me.

I was a healer.

But I fit my gifts into a box.

I wanted to stand out.

But I sat on the sidelines.

I was a leader.

But I thought I had to lead from a place of pushing & scarcity.

I was a mother.

But, I felt like I was failing.

For me, this process has led to a culmination of deep and healing work. Shedding the good and nice girl, the one who tried desperately to fit in, and who put her power outside of herself. I found myself desiring for more. I didn't want to burn myself out to dust. I wanted to claim my unique gifts and powers and I knew there was an answer deep within me. I wanted to be a female leader who embodied abundance, love and grounded power.

I wanted to run a soul aligned business that served my people while also fully serving me. I didn't want to live my mission by being in a constant state of feast and then famine when it came to my energy. I didn't want to say yes to things because of a feeling of lack or scarcity. I wanted to work from a place of grounded soul.

And I found, after doing extensive research in all the business and spirituality realms that I could find and that I felt aligned to, that the answers were found in my unique blueprint. My first coach supported me with my business and that's how I became a relationship coach and started The Happy Love Project. Some of work I did in B-School still fits into what I do for my online business today. Some of the work I did in The Spirit Junkie Masterclass is part of leading a spiritually based business. Money Queen by Jenna Black changed my life. I invested a whole lot of money in social media courses that were helpful. I absorbed advice from all the leaders I could find that felt aligned. I did the healing physical work of taking my health outside of the box and allowing to heal from the inside out by seeking health coaches and functional medicine providers.

Here's what I found on the journey: My work is my ministry (I just got that from Sarah Jenks, she's one of my spirituality mentors). My work is to meditate, to vision, to dream. My work is to expand the limits. To inspire. To hold. To help heal. My work is to connect deeply with my soul clients and support them to find a way to do life + business + leadership in a way that serves them, not depletes them. We are together to expand. To revel in the magic of this life. And be the light workers. We are here to shape our roles into something that suits the whole of us- not just a part.

If you desire for something different in your life. I have a feeling you are ready to do life, business and leadership in a whole new way.

Sitting on the sidelines, putting our power outside of ourselves, feeling burnt out often, and operating from a place of pushing and scarcity is the old way of doing things. We are ready to expand our leadership, businesses and wealth to a whole new level.

We are ready to combine the flow based feminine container with divine masculine practices. We are ready to be sovereign leaders.

My love, if you are interested in taking this conversation deeper and to do some magical work around your business and expand your leadership + wealth to the next level, please join the waitlist for The Sovereign Leader. This is my signature program + portal+ vortex that will solidify you as the Sovereign Leader. You can join the waitlist HERE.

And if you'd like to receive these post delivered directly to your email, you can receive my love letters HERE.

Until next time, be amazing and do fabulous things.

Katherine xx

Katherine Phifer









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