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Six Legitimate Reasons Why We Ignore Our Intuition (And What to Do About It)

If, on paper everything looks good, but you are getting a feeling that something isn’t right, your intuition is likely saying “whoa babe, take a second look at that.” But why is it so hard to listen and act on what our intuition is telling us?

Below are six legitimate reasons why we ignore our intuition. These are all valid reasons it can be so hard to choose ourselves over everything else.

1.) We don’t want to let someone we love, like or respect down.

In this circumstance, our need to please outweighs our need to honor ourselves. We don’t want to disappoint or let others we care about down. This could also be related to feeling like we might lose something… perhaps there’s a fear that we will lose a friendship, a loved one, a raise in income or the valuable opinion of our bosses.

2.) We said “yes” already and we don’t want to go back on our word. We don’t want to lack integrity.

People are counting on us and we don’t want to let them down. We hold ourselves to high standard and to go back on our word feels without integrity.

3.) It’s easier to say “yes” and keep the peace.

We aren’t interested in the energy of whatever the issue in question is being a “big deal.” It’s easier to just go with the flow instead of making everyone mad.

4.) There’s some kind of “proof” that discounts our intuitive nudge.

All the social proof says this is the course to take, but we just have a feeling it isn’t right for us. Or all of our friends love something, but we aren’t vibing with it. We go with the flow, or discount our intution based on fear of missing out.

5.) Listening to our intuition may change how someone responds, likes or is in a relationship with us.

We are afraid of losing someone we love or deeply care about. It’s easier to just ignore our intution than speak up for ourselves, or to go against the grain.

6.) We don’t want to admit that what we agreed to isn’t right for us.

Maybe we signed up for something and now it just doesn’t feel aligned. Maybe we paid a lot of money for it, and we can’t receive a refund. Admitting to ourselves or to someone else that what we agreed to isn’t right might feel like a hard pill to swallow.

Each of these six legitimate reasons we ignore our intution can be the answer to why it can be so hard to listen and act from a place of grounded connection.

So, how do we train ourselves to listen to our intuition more?

First, tap into how your intution speaks to you. Perhaps it’s a feeling that keeps popping up, or a thought that keeps appearing in your mind. It could also be a physical feeling, like a sensation in your gut. A lot of people’s intuition lies in their stomach, aptly called our second brain. You might even feel “sick” about something that your intuition is questioning.

Second, when you do go along with your intuition, how does that feel? Is there a sense of relief? A feeling like a weight is lifted off your shoulder? And what does it feel like when you don’t listen to your intuition? What are the series of events? What thoughts do you have?

Third, ask yourself if the circumstance in question is a full bodied, all in “YES!” If it isn’t, ask yourself if there is a way to excuse yourself from the situation. You won’t always be able to get out something because you aren’t feeling enthusiastic about it. (For example, I don’t love doing jury duty, and I don’t show up with a full bodied “YES! I’m doing my civic duty!” But I also know that it is my civic duty to show up and participate in the process.)

Living in a way that is connected to our intution can be incredibly powerful. Feeling connected, on purpose and aligned all are results to listening to our intution.

Which one of the six reasons gets to you most? Come over to Instagram and tell me in the comments of this post!

If you’d like to dive further into creating an aligned life, check out my Aligned AF Toolkit. Inside I share with you how to tap into your intuiton and your alignment in a really deep and powerful way.

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