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What To Do When You Lose Your Mojo

It can be easy to do. When you are up to your neck in parenting decisions, money decisions, grocery decisions and who's going to be where when... not to mention all of the other things you carry in your life... your mojo can fully leave the building. Like, how is it possible for us to feel sexy and on fire when we have so much to do? How is it possible to feel our inner cauldron when the whole world feels like it falling apart? And, not to mention that the predominate culture in which we reside (the patriarchy) makes it pretty hard to embody our divine feminine these days too.

So? How do you get your mojo back?

Well, to start, recalibrate your ability to feel good. Part of the answer to your missing mojo is to take amazing care of your body and mind. Take some time to get your sleep in order. Eat healthy and clean foods. Let go of toxic stuff that might be weighing you down (I'm talking processed food, any foods you are sensitive to, and over indulging in booze.) Clean up your side of the street emotionally. Take responsibility for what's yours and set boundaries around what's not.

Second, calm your nervous system. Your body doesn't know how to connect to her mojo if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or otherwise out of sorts. I just recently heard that everyday stresses are more detrimental to our bodies than big stresses. Since we don't live in stress free environments, we have to figure out how to recalibrate our bodies and minds. This can look like yoga, massages, meditation, asking for help, working through the big stuff with a therapist, hiring a coach to help you organize your life and any other tasks that allow you to connect with your nervous system and calm things down.

Reconnect to your divine feminine, the juicy part of you that ignites your mojo. Wear clothes that feel good and sexy to you (and if sexy = uncomfortable, that's not an accurate depiction of sexy.) Dance to your favorite music in the kitchen. Light candles or buy some fairy lights and create a mood with your lighting. Watch a sexy movie or show. Read a romance novel.

Reconnecting to your mojo might take some time. It likely took some time to misplace it in the first place. But, I know it's in you, waiting to be uncovered again.

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