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Yes. But make it more French.

I’ve been having a French moment.

My current Pinterest feed is full of French women’s beauty routines, red lipsticks, lovely spring dresses, whole foods and Parisian apartments. I've got "Summer Lounge De Provence" playlist on Spotify playing every evening in our house.

It’s a total vibe that I love spending time dreaming and playing with. In fact, I rearranged my living room to feel just a bit more "Parisian apartment" and I have been pulling out all of my red lipsticks (to wear around the house!).

It dawned on me that my fascination with France and French women is the idea that life gets to be sensual, connected and best of all, simple.

My leadership of my business, my work, and the people I support can be both in the flowy feminine and the structured masculine. It can be rooted in the Goddess. It can be a strong energy without being forced. It can feel like a “yes” while also serving me.

There’s time for lingering hot cups of coffee (or whatever hot drink I am indulging in at the moment); and for making healthy, delicious meals; and for spending time with my beautiful family; and for walks with with my husband Tony; and for juicy naps; and for work that changes the world on a micro and macro level.

There’s time and room for that. There’s prosperity in the iconic French-ness. I am making an impact while also fueling my soul. And all I can say is "Yum."

Instead of pushing, forcing and anxiously holding onto my need for control, I am finding so much more when I let it go and flow. The abundance is found when I make room for it. It's found when I listen to my body, mind and soul. It's found when I don't hold so tightly to the outcome. As a woman who likes to get things done and who is driven to be successful, incorporating a more French Woman attitude has been a breath of fresh air for me.

Do sensuality and leadership go together. Yes.

As women we have been taught for centuries that sensuality is wrong. And so we hid that part of ourselves. We buried our sensuality deep underneath the layers of roles and job descriptions and responsibilities. We did our work, became partners and sometimes mothers. We birthed ideas and businesses, but we forgot a huge piece of ourselves. We adopted certain ways to be in our jobs, so that we weren't presumed to be weak or out of control. We hustled. We appeared perfect. We sacrificed a bit of ourselves to fit in and to succeed. We found ourselves stressed, sick and our adrenals fatigued. We found ourselves not listening to our intuition and second guessing our choices. We found ourselves disconnected.

But now, we are in the middle of an awakening. And we are changing how we run our businesses, how we lead, how we create, how we coach and how we heal. And, it feels so much better. It feels more aligned. It feels more on purpose. It feels more abundant than ever before.

Balls aren't dropped when we align with the flow. In fact, we make room for what's more aligned. We indulge in the everyday pleasures of life. We allow ourselves to live and be, instead of over working and always being in a hurry. We invite more prosperity in- whether that be money, or love, or friendships or clients or better work situations. We aren't sacrificing anything by creating more time and space in our lives, in fact I'd like to bet that we are creating more abundance on all levels.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are moving into spring and summer. These months always feel like they are energetic and flow based. And as I incorporate more of a French vibe in how I do things, it feels a lot more exciting.

If this message is resonating with your heart, and you are ready for way more abundance in your life, I'd like to invite you to The Prosperity Blueprint. This is a 3 week, fast activating program and portal for you to up level your abundance on every single level of your life. (Money of course, but love, friendships, clients, work situations.... the list goes on and on.) It is designed for a leader, coach, healer or creative in mind, but anyone can join us and it is going to be absolutely magical. You can read more about the program and reserve your seat by going here: THE PROSPERITY BLUEPRINT. The first live round starts April 26, 2021.

Until next time, be amazing and do fabulous things.

Katherine xx

📸 in Paris, 2017 on the most dreamy trip with my love. (This selfie was taken at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Inspiration Day).

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