Your Mind Racing At Night? Try Some of These Ideas

As I type we are 4 weeks into social isolation and keeping our distance from people. I've had my fair share of anxiety, worry and stress in connection with what is happening in the world. From financial worries to sickness worries, there's a lot to keep me (and the rest of the world) awake at night.

I find that if I set myself up for success during the day by creating boundaries with social media and the news helps in all kinds of ways. I love social media, don't get me wrong, but I am trying to access it a few times a day in order to not be going to the apps constantly.

At night, I am creating energetic boundaries and an energetic protection around my house. This may sound a little on the "woo-y" side, but honestly, I am sleeping better.

Watch the video below for more of my thoughts around how to get better rest at night and deal with the ongoing stress that is happening. (This is great for anytime, not just durning the social isolation of 2020!)

With love & abundance,


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