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Gee Thanks, I Outsourced It

Cue Ariana Grande's 7 Rings song in your head.*

A while ago a predominate leader in the self help/coaching industry received some pushback in a social media livestream when she mentioned something about outsourcing the cleaning of her house. Then the leader responded in a way that made a whole lot of people mad, and the heart of the conversation got buried under all of that anger.

Here's my thoughts on outsourcing….

We can't do it alone. We aren't meant to do it alone. Any devotion to the idea that we are meant to do it alone is connected to a construct that no longer applies to this day and age.

We operate in busy, full, lively, expansive lives. We have so many large responsibilities on our plates. And, we don't have to do it all. In fact, I encourage all of us not to.

The conversation with the leader I was mentioning above turned sour when one person said the leader was entitled and privileged to have someone clean her house. And, maybe so. Maybe it was a troll saying those words; maybe it was someone triggered by their own money story and couldn't ever imagine having enough overflow to pay someone to clean their house; maybe it was someone who legitimately couldn't imagine outsourcing such a thing. Maybe the leader wasprivileged and entitled. But, deep in all of that turmoil something deep hit within me. This was a conversation about the constructs of an outdated system.

If you plan to run an empire, I highly recommend outsourcing tasks that you (a) don't enjoy and (b) that you don't want your precious time going to.

Your time is money. Your time is energy. Your time is finite.

By outsourcing things in your life you are also not only generating wealth, but you are letting the Universe know that your field of expansion is wider. And, even better, you are paying someone else and helping them expand their wealth too.

If you are currently building your empire and don't have the funds to outsource all of the things… start thinking about which tasks you would outsource first. Like, for example, my husband hates to take care the lawn, and I am sure not going to do it, so we first outsourced our lawn care and honestly it has never looked better (sorry, Tony!).

When I worked as a mental health clinician and my hours were nutty, not only did we have the boys in some kind of child care (first an early childhood program that was amazing, and then when they started school an after school program) AND I hired someone to pick the boys up from school twice a week and come over on the weekends that Tony worked so that I could breathe a little bit. My mental health greatly benefited from the support.

I don't, however, have a house cleaning person as of yet. Someday I will, but other things have taken precedence and I don't mind cleaning my house.

Here's some examples of things you can outsource:

All of your meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (private chefs love to make meals for the week).


House Cleaning

Car Cleaning

Child Care

Child Transportation

Hair Styling

Lawn Care

Home Management

Company Tasks

Social Media Management

Window Washing

And the list goes on and on.

Outsourcing does not mean anything bad about you. It's time lay down any guilt that we have for not being able to do it all. Especially guilt around child care tasks. Moms tend to feel guilty for not being able to spend hours in the car shuttling kids to all the things and other mom-like tasks. (Let's have a conversation about personal policies soon!) I am fully not open to the mom guilt- so I say let's release that for good!

Here's to building our empires. I am so excited to be a part of this journey with you.


Katherine xx

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