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Protection Magic for Leaders

If you are a coach, healer, wellness provider, visionary and business owner, you are a leader. Welcome to the club! You are here to influence change on micro and/or macro levels. This work can be challenging. It's not for the weary, really. By becoming an agent of change, who desires to make a difference in this world, I know that you don't take your work lightly. You are here because your mission is bigger than you. (Even if you aren't quite sure what your mission is yet.)

In order to do your work without burning to dust, there is a fair amount of self care required. This can include the bubble baths and journal writing, but more importantly, it requires you to make decisions that serve your mission. That may mean changing your diet, or giving up foods or drinks you love because your energetic frequency is much stronger when you don't have those things. Or it might mean making strong boundaries with the people around you so that you are able to show up and do your work well.

You are the vessel for your mission and practice. You are the Sovereign Leader. By embodying that person, you become a greater agent of change. You influence lives more deeply. And perhaps you reap the benefits more powerfully.

Today I am going to share with you a couple magical practices you can use to protect yourself as a sovereign leader. I personally use magic in my daily practices to help keep me connected and protected. If this feels a bit too woo for you, please, no worries. While I am a huge fan of infusing magic and spirit into the work I do... you might not be, and that's so ok. Also, as I share with you my practices (or spells as I like to call them), please know that I created these to work for my life. I invite you to develop your own or to take mine and adapt them to your own life.

Protection Magic #1:

I am a huge fan of crystals and the energetic frequency of crystals. I use black tourmaline by my computer and bed to ward off and repel any unwanted energies. I use shungite next to my computer to keep the EFTS in check as well as any energies that might seep through the computer that don't feel aligned. I charge my crystals in the full moonlight (usually on the windowsill). I am also a huge fan of citrine to call in more abundance, and rose quartz for aligned love.

One way to know if a crystal is going to work with you and your energetic frequency, is to hold the crystal in your hands and right at base of your sternum. Close your eyes and clear your mind. If your body moves forward, your energy and body require the crystal. If it moves backwards, your energy and body don't need it right now. (You can do the same thing for essential oils).

Protection Magic #2:

I do this spell every single night, right before I go to sleep. It has shifted my sleep in so many ways, and I feel more grounded and protected by the energies that might flow into my realm at night.

Just after I turn out the light, I close my eyes and imagine myself cutting the cords with every person I interacted with that day. I imagine cutting cords with my Instagram and Facebook feed too. This allows me to take my power back. I often say a statement that aligns with recalling my energy, while lovingly sending everyone else's energy back to them.

I then imagine a gold bubble starting from one end of my house and completely engulfing the entire house. My bubble is see-through with sparkles, of course. I then imagine this bubble staying in place and protecting me and my family. I ask that it keep unwanted energy out and while allowing us to sleep.

I hope these magical practices serve you in the work you do!

Katherine xx

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