How to Make Soul Aligned Decisions

I've been chatting about soul alignment and leadership A LOT lately and one of the questions I have been getting from people in my community is "Katherine... How do I make soul aligned decisions?"

In this quick V-Log, I share with you a few key steps to make any decision soul aligned. You can do this about what you eat next, what t-shirt you buy, or if you invest in that next high dollar coach.

Here's a quick review on how to make any decision soul aligned:

  1. Tap into your intuition through deep breathing.

  2. Journal about the decision. Ask your guides, your higher self, your higher powers and any other thing/person on your spirit team.

  3. Talk it out with a trusted person.

  4. Question the doubt. Is your doubt based out of fear or is your doubt an intuitive hit that this isn't an aligned decision?

OK! So go practice this and see how your life shifts!



Also, if you'd like to learn more about the Aligned AF Toolkit (my new favorite product!) you can go here: THE ALIGNED AF TOOLKIT.

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