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What Are Your Soul Cravings?

I crave to be around authentic humans who aren't afraid to share their souls.

I crave the next deep level in my relationships, my work, my body and my spirit.

I crave flourishing.

I crave deep rest, purposeful work and igniting creativity.

I crave passion, fire, energy, and love.


This week on social media, I shared what my soul craves. It's a deep craving. A need-ing.

These cravings are now being met, because I am so aware of them. I spend time daily thinking about them. But to be frank, I wasn't aware of them for so long. I tried to meet them with things that just were serving them. Food. Netflix. Drama. Expectations. Candy. The list goes on and on. While all of these things might have soothed the itch just slightly, I'd wake up each day needing the things listed above again and again.

What is your soul craving these days? If you aren't sure, don't be discouraged! Sometimes it takes practice and getting really quiet with your self and then answering some questions. This week I am sharing with you a very simple but magical step by step process to ask your soul what it needs.

Start first by setting up your environment. Often we can get really distracted by things, people and energy.

Here's how to start:

Clear your space to your liking (if this means spending a little time tidying up- that's ok!).

Have a journal, pen or paper ready for after your quiet time.

Communicate with the people around you that you require 30 minutes of quiet time.

Clear the energy around you with some deep breathing. You can also sage your space if you access to sage.

Then, sit or lay down quietly for 10ish minutes (if 5 minutes feels more manageable, do that). Set a timer, play some music and focus on your breath. Start with some four square breathing- breath in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4 and hold for a count of 4. Do that until you get into a natural state of deep breathing.

After your 10 minutes of quiet, grab your journal and write out at the top of a clean page, "What does my soul want?"

And then free write. Write down everything that pops up in your mind. Give yourself all the time you need to write everything that comes to mind. Give yourself space to not judge your writing, just write. There is something really powerful about actually writing, but if you need to type this because you aren't a fan of writing, you can do that too. The point of this practice it to get the words out of your body.

Your soul could be telling you that you require all kinds of things, including rest, love, inspiration, passion, connection, friendship, support. It could also tell you that you need to watch Bridgerton on Netflix. Allow yourself to write down everything that pops in your mind.

If you feel stuck, or the words aren't coming out, that's ok! It sometimes takes a few rounds of the quiet space in order to recognize what your soul wants.

The next step is to read through what you wrote. Highlight, underline or star all of the things you wrote down that feel really soul aligned.

And now you know what your soul wants! The next step is to figure out what steps are required to meet what your soul requires.

Take this practice and do it as often as you need. Daily, weekly, monthly- whatever feels good to you. The answers are inside you. The work is in the finding them.

Happy soul searching my friend. I would love to hear what gems you find after this practice. Send me a DM on Instagram and tell me what you discover! You can connect with me on Instagram here: @katherinephifer

With love,


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