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Sovereign: Possessing supreme or ultimate power; freedom from external control.

Feminine: Features of a woman; compassion, empathy, collaboration, connection and candor.


There is a new paradigm in the business + leadership world. Have you felt the shift? As we embrace both the divine masculine + divine feminine energies in our world (not defined by gender, but by yin + yang) we expand our reach, our message and our wealth. By connecting into both flow and production, we find that our lives feel juicer, more connected and flourishing.

This is how the coach, creative, healer, visionary and leader shares her unique gifts with the world. This is how our soul work create impact, change and influence.

This is how we elevate our message, sustain our lives and create prosperity on all levels.

We have discovered that burning ourselves to dust is not a sustainable way to live. We want to flourish in every area of our lives. We know that if one area of our life is amiss, our entire life is amiss. We do not compartmentalize. We can't do that any more. We are unavailable to playing games. We no longer subscribe to scarcity. We do not welcome mis-alignment. We aren't meant to push. We aren't meant to force. We aren't meant to convince. We aren't meant to run our lives from a wounded masculine or feminine place.

We are meant to stand in our power and welcome people into our realms so that they can elevate with us.

We live in layered, detailed and multi-faceted microcosms. As sovereign, feminine leaders we embrace that pieces of our lives impact the whole. We embrace our feminine flow with our masculine structure. We heal our wounded parts so that we can change the world from a deeply grounded place. We meld all of the messy, juicy, connectedness of our lives so that we can live and work authentically. We are all experts of our crafts. We are all leaders of our work + lives. We are all partners in this sovereign path.

Three key qualities of a sovereign leader are:

#1. A Sovereign Leader embodies + owns her sovereignty. Embodied sovereignty is all about being conscious of your life and how you move through your life.

Here's three questions you can ask yourself when it comes to sovereignty:

• What are you engaging in right now that is either lifting you up or bring you down?

• What is fueling you- energetically, spiritually, physically?

• What is draining you- energetically, spiritually, physically?

#2. A Sovereign Leader is dedicated to her daily Queen Rituals. Rituals can be anything that grounds you, lights you up, and creates a feeling of flourishing. I recommend three daily ritual practices in the morning (journaling, meditation, oracle card reading) in the mid-day (walk, meditation, grounding, art making) and in the evening (self love, bath/shower, juicy novel, meditation, journal writing, gratitude practice.)

#3. A Sovereign leader is full of boundaries love. Boundaries are a fabulous way to create structure and feelings of safety throughout the day. This can included boundaries with clients., with your work hours, with job responsibilities and with how you price your offers. Boundaries can also be about your self.

Here's three questions you can ask yourself about your boundaries:

• What are you allowing for your self?

• What do you do that is not in your highest favor?

• Where are boundaries important in your life with your family, kids, friends, love and life?

The new paradigm encourages you to let your sovereignty be your guide. It's your inner compass. It helps you along your beautiful path to creating change in people's lives. It's the catalyst for new ways to lead, build your business and create exponential wealth.

Until next time, be amazing and do fabulous things.

Katherine xx

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