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Stay Sane and Fall in Love This Holiday Season

Life is busy already, right? Add in the holiday season and it can get down right overwhelming. Plus, here in a America, we have a tendency to go overboard with pretty much everything. Not to mention that we find ourselves spending time with people that we don't normally spend time with (which can be amazing and also tumultuous too. Who here has loved to see a distant relative, only to get irritated at the dinner table over political conversations?)

The holidays also can be a great time to rekindle love, whether you are currently in a relationship or you are open to falling into a new love. But, it gets difficult to do that if we are so overwhelmed with all of the other stuff. And so, here are a FIVE ways you can stay sane, and also fall in love with someone new or again with you partner.

1. Do the #selfcare . Make sure you are taking amazing care of yourself. Get stellar sleep. Eat well and right for your body. Get clear on how much you want to indulge in sweets and alcohol (and anything else that you love to indulge in). It's amazing how much not sleeping well and eating and drinking foods that are rich can get us off center.

With that said, grab your calendar and enter in times that you plan to do something yummy for yourself. Maybe a massage? Maybe a walk in the crisp air at the park. An evening with friends. A date night. A movie night in bed with your laptop. Plan it out and stick to it!

2. Say NO. Say no to anything that isn't a "Heck Yes!" in your heart. Often this time of year we are invited to so many things and it's easy to say yes to them all. Give yourself the permission to say yes to only the things you really want to do. (And by the way, it doesn't mean that you don't like your friends if you say that you want to skip out on a particular event.)

3. And opposed to saying "no," Say YES. Say yes to something a little scary. Like going on a blind date, or hanging out at a new coffee shop, or doing something new with your current love (salsa dance classes???). Get out of your comfort zone a little bit and let yourself enjoy the novelty of something new.

4. Be OPEN. This goes right along with saying yes to things a little scary. Be open to new experiences and open to new opportunities. It's amazing what can just occur when you find yourself curious and open. When you are CLOSED you often find yourself sheltered and protected, which is totally ok because honestly sometimes we need a little bit of protection. But being closed usually also means that fun opportunities pass you by because you can't see them. So, think about that holiday party you were invited to and what possible things could occur there? Could you meet someone new? Could it spark something fun with your current love?

In a 10 minute meditation practice, imagine a bright light protecting you and also opening your heart to new things. Focus on that same meditation daily and see what opportunities are presented to you.

5. When irritated... get back to center. Oohhh, this is a good one. You know how you can have a day where you're just c-r-a-n-k-y? And by the end of the day you are fried and really don't have the energy for anything else? This is a great time to re-boot. Get your bootie in the bathtub or hot shower (warm water will actually change the way your body is responding to stress), or lay down for a quick siesta, and give yourself 20 minutes to recalibrate.

I hope you have a fabulous, healthy and happy holiday season! Oh! And last week I shared about a smoothie that helps me get back on track when I am feeling out of sorts, or have been indulging in foods that overwhelm my body. You can check out what I do and the smoothie recipe here:






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