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The better it gets, the better it gets. A few of my mentors have said this... and recently it landed on me in a new way.

What if we rise? What if things only get better? What if we quantum shift from whatever is keeping us in a perpetual feast + famine and only subscribe to the feast?

Would that make us greedy? Out of touch? Un-relatable?

Or would that create safety for us to do our jobs and influence the people we are here to support in a whole new way?

What if it gets better and stays that way? What if we don't have to subscribe to a way of thinking that the good only comes around so often and that no matter what kind of good we experience that it has to come with a downfall?

I used to say "This is great... but...."

For example, "My business is doing so well this month, but who knows what it will look like next month."

Or, "The boys are in a really good place and things are flowing right now, but who knows what next week will be like."

Or, "I am feeling so good in my body today, but who knows how I will feel like tomorrow."

Even if things felt good, I would set myself up to be prepared for the downfall. For every single situation in my life.

But here's the shift:

What if my business gets to do well, and have sustainable, continuous and growing income every month?

What if my boys + my family get to be on a trajectory that things get to feel good all of the time, not just every once in a while?

What if I get to feel on fire and flourishing in my body everyday, not just some days?

What if the better it gets, the better it gets?

Play around with the thought that your success, bliss or happiness doesn't have to come with a side order of hardship too. We can do hard things, but we don't have to subscribe to hard-er as a default.

What if more aligned clients + business flow to you?

What if you work less, but more potently?

What if your creativity is intuitively based and not pushed due to a deadline?

What if your relationship with money gets easier?

What if you feel really good in your body all of the time?

What if your relationships with your partner or kids gets to be more connected?

A good amount of my work for myself and with my beautiful clients is that we get to subscribe to a different kind of life than we were programmed for.

The better it gets, the better it gets.



Katherine Phifer









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