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Lately I have been stuck in a storm of asking “how.”

“How will it work out?”

“How should I plan this?”

“How do I make this happen?”

And I don't know.

I don't know how it will work out.

My plans seem to get thwarted when I make them.

I don't have the capacity to control the situation.

Blah. Right?

One of the biggest parts of the law of attraction is about how the “how” is not up to me (or you). The goal setting is up to me. The creating crystal clarity around my desires is up to me. The next aligned action is up to me. But the actual “how”… nope. Not up to me.

This is super hard for a empire running mother of twins to grasp. Because wow, would I love to control how most things go.

I have a feeling if you run an empire, you can relate.

We have big dreams, you and I. Even if we aren't even quite sure what they are just yet. And it would be lovely to know how they will come to us. It would be lovely to know that the path is decided. It would be lovely to know it is all going to work out.

When the path is foggy, as sometimes as an entrepreneur and empire running queen it is, it's hard for me to also accept that I won't know how the next right action will come to me. It feels murky and muddy and unknown. And whew, that's unsettling.

While the how isn't up to me, I have been finding a lot of solace in knowing that not only does the Universe have my back, but so do I. I've got me. I've got the capacity to hold the big picture and the big dream. I trust that I will do the next right thing for me and for the situation. I know that things always work out for my higher favor, even when I don't think it's possible in the moment.

It can be easy to get caught up in a storm of fear and feeling stuck- especially when the answer of how isn't seeming to appear. I think that just perpetuates fear and stuck-ness. When that happens, I have been trying to actively shift my energy into embodying what I desire. I think about the desires, I close my eyes and I feel into who I imagine I'd be with that desire in my life. I let go of the fear. I regulate my nervous system with deep breaths. And I allow myself to energetically align to my desires. The how isn't up to me, but the energy, the actions and the desires are.

Often I think about the time right before I met my husband and how much I really wanted to find a man to be with. I thought maybe love wasn't meant for me. I believed that I wasn't worthy of deep, sweet, adoring love. I honestly didn't even know what that was. But I got clear on what I wanted (and did not want). I was specific with myself and with the Universe on what I was energetically available for so that when he came into my life, I would know. And when he did walk into my life, I wasn't even sure he was the right one! But, the how opened up as we moved on a path together. I would have never guessed that I would meet my husband on the edge of the earth in Anchorage, Alaska. But I did. The how wasn't up to me.

So, if you sometimes get stuck in the “how” of everything, come back to this message. Remember my words. We can never know exactly how something is going to work out. But it always does work out.

Katherine Phifer









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