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A Peek Inside The Ignited Brand

For the past couple weeks I have been sharing about a new, immersive experience for 2023 called The Ignited Woman. The Ignited Woman is a year long container dedicated to being the intimate feminine leader.

I believe that leadership is about intimacy. It's about seeing one another. Understanding one another. Motivating each other to be our best selves. And to run impressive, life changing missions too.

To be a whole, nourished, flourishing leader, there is a paradigm shift that occurs. We were brought up in a patriarchal cultural standard of leadership. And, with more women coming into the arena of leadership, that standard needs some tweaking. Women are entirely different life forms after all. For example, women operate on a 28 day cycle, but men operate on a 24 hour one. That alone creates a divide in the old paradigm and the new one.

I have been in some sort of leadership conversation since I was a teenager. I have tried to fit myself into the old paradigm. And while I was successful in terms of accolades and prestige, I also was burned out, having difficulty as a mother and disconnected to my friends, family and husband. I did not love my life. I did not feel turned on. I was not orgasmic. I was not abundantly flourishing.

I knew there had to be a better way.

Over the past five years as a business owner and a coach, I have been following the nudges to my own mission and sweet spot of what I am here to do. I have been on a twisty path that has landed on self love, happy relationships, manifestation and a few other things. And along the way I decided to incorporate all of it.

The Ignited Brand is about feminine, sacred leadership. It's about living the best, turned on, beautiful life while also holding powerful, wave making missions. We don't have to sacrifice our families for our work. We don't have to choose our work over our relationships. We get to have it all. And we get to be supported in every way imaginable to make it happen.

The Ignited Woman has three parts. There is the actual container of 8 programs (which I'll explain down below). There's an option to upgrade to VIP for more connected support if you desire. And, there's an option to be certified inside The Ignited Brand. If you desired to be an Ignited Practitioner in the future, or have your work referred by me, the certification process is fabulous.

Some of the programs below will be marketed next year to the public on their own. Some will not. And, until Saturday at midnight (12 / 31/ 2022) each of the three containers is on pre-sale. That means that the investment price of each will rise on Sunday morning.

A few more details for you…

Why Me? Why Katherine Phifer?

Leadership is in my DNA, from actual professional experience to a long line of leaders in my ancestry. I do not shy away from the challenging conversations. Each of the 8 programs is an initiation I have journeyed through and am happy to walk besides you as you navigate through each one. I am committed to our rise together, and I know what it takes.

The Ignited Woman Container

Each of the 8 programs will be delivered to you throughout the year. Some of the programs will be delivered live with a replay. Some will be a combination of personal work and live work. You don’t have to come to the live parts to benefit. If your learning style is to do things on your own time, without the constraints of meeting times, you can totally do that. And, if you desire to be in the live energy, you can do that too.

Everything will be designed to fit into your gorgeous life.

This is an information and practical based year. There will always be optional homework to take any information and apply it to your unique life.

Also! There’s a creative component! Art skills are not required, but if you love being creative, you’ll love this!

This is a Master’s level container.

Who The Ignited Woman is For

Artists. Business Owners. Coaches. Mentors. Professors. CEOs. Therapists. Teachers.Wellness Providers. Healers. Doctors. Entrepreneurs. Leaders. Women. Those who connect with femininity, and the sacred feminine. (In you are not a woman or identify as such, reach out and we’ll discuss if this container would work for you.)

The Programs

From Scratch

Exclusively created for The Ignited Woman. A grounding place to begin your year long mastery as a sacred feminine leader. This is where we start- while fully appreciating everywhere you’ve been. Whether you have already made millions, are the CEO of your large corporation or you are just starting your path- this program will kick off the year.


The self love and intimacy healing work. The practices to fall back in love (or for the very first time) with yourself. The formula for your ignited leadership. The key to your turned on life.

Sister (hood)

A program on community with a feminine basis. Diving deep into community, sister wounds and sister healing- this is the program about leading communities, having deep friendship and operating from health.

Moving from unconsciously against one another to thoughtfully adoring each other.

Mother (hood)

A program on nurturing, boundaries, and navigating between mothering and leading. Also includes deep conversations about motherhood and leadership, motherhood in these times, and the separation of motherhood and work.


A program on passion, sex, romantic love, the channel to passion, and how this energy enhances your leadership. Includes work on orgasmic abundance, opening, and healing our minds, bodies and souls for the most beautiful and bountiful sexual energy. (Partnership or relationships are not required.)

Wealthy Plenty

A program on money. Money love. Wealth. Being a wealthy, heart centered, sacred leader. Navigating through the issues and things that keep us from prosperity. The mind, body and soul work to deepen your relationship with money.


A program on self expression and magnetism from the inside out. This is where all the work that came before this program will all click and you will start to put the pieces together for the most magnetic you. Clients, lovers, friends, employees… they will all be flocking to you.

The Intimate Leader

A leadership program with the foundation in intimacy. Leadership conversations that focus on integrity, connection, honesty and authenticity.

Are you ready for this?

The Ignited Woman begins in late January. We will have all the juicy time to settle into 2023 before diving into this very potent work.

If you are ready to say yes, here's the details page: The Ignited Woman

And, as always, please reach out on Instagram direct messages with any questions or to discuss which of these containers might be the best for you.

If you'd like to have information like this sent directly to your inbox, sign up to receive my weekly(ish) newsletter here.

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