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The Secret to Better Sex

There's lots of secrets to better sex, actually. Physical intimacy, while not rocket science, can be a process of figuring ourselves and our partners out. It takes play and a willingness to be open to trying different things (even if you've been playing together for a while) to keep things sparkly.

But, I believe the secret to better sex first starts with how we feel about our bodies. Which, is a complicated thing because there are so many layers to body love to uncover.

We have to uncover all of the paradigms that keep us from loving our bodies before we can truly dig in deep. Like, the paradigm that tells us that power lies in beauty. We either subscribe to that, or we don't- but either way we land can be detrimental. If we subscribe to the paradigm that power lies in beauty, we could spend our whole lives keeping up with others, forcing ourselves to fit into clothes and boxes that keep us small. We could forget th