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letters from katherine



There's nothing written in the start that declares that you can't have what you want.

In your business.

In your relationships.

In your life.

There are no rules. No constructs. No papers. Nothing that says what you want can't happen for you.

You are more than capable of living your best life.

It is not about luck. It isn't about looking at the cards you were dealt with and believing you can't play this round because you have a crappy hand.

There is room for you.

You might have to blow your life up in order to get to where you want, but there's always room for you.

I blew my life up. One tiny explosion at a time.

I had everything I thought I wanted- the successful career, the beautiful family, the gorgeous and adoring husband, the beautiful house. But something deep and powerful was missing. And the nudge came in wondering "This isn't exactly it."

I felt bad for wanting more. Wasn't what I had what I'd always dreamed of? Yes.

Was I happy? To a degree.

Was I greedy for wanting it to be different? I found out, no.

And so I discovered myself on a path of tiny explosions. We moved. I pursued a new career path. I became an entrepreneur. I started parenting differently. Friendships changed and ended. I healed lots of wounds around sharing + claiming my true self. I discovered how to utilize both my divine feminine and masculine energies to run my business & work.

But on the other side of tiny explosions... the ones that shifted my soul path, the ones that expanded how I parented and showed up in my life, the explosions that connected me to my divine life... on the other side of the those was a life I couldn't imagine. And it is so much better than I dreamed.

If you are feeling a nudge from your intuition + the universe for something more...

... for a business that divinely serves you instead of drains you...

... to let go of the worry and fear that runs how you do life...

... for a way to go to your next level in your soul work that feels incredibly grounded... heal the persecution and sister wounds that keep you stuck playing small and in the same damn patterns...

... set boundaries that support you and the work you do...

... expand how you create wealth in your life...

.... claim your sovereignty in your life + work...

You've got this.

With love,



Katherine Phifer









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