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Katherine's Week End Review • July 17, 2020


Things I'm currently obsessed with.... Katherine Style.

(Feel free to click the photo for a link to the item for easy purchase... And just so you know, I receive a small affiliate compensation through Amazon if you make a purchase through the link.)

Shop Item of the Week: THE SOUL LEADER MASTERCLASS: BOUNDARIES & PERSONAL LEADERSHIP POLICIES. This is a live, online workshop where I am covering all the possibilities of how your personal boundaries and leadership policies will support you to thrive in your business and your life. The masterclass comes with open Q&A, time to receive support on your own policies, 2 weeks of open Q & A in a private setting and lifetime access to not only the masterclass but also the re-writable workbook. This masterclass is guaranteed to stretch how you approach your work and your life. We meet live, next week on July 22, 2020 and if you can't come live, you will have the replay available for you.


I live with boys. Messy boys. And, I am a bit of a clumsy person myself. Before finding this natural stain remover I used all kinds of stuff to keep the stains out of our clothes. This stuff is the real deal. It works better than anything I've tried before!

Stain Remover: Puracy Natural Stain Remove


I just got this deck of Oracle Cards recently and I love it. It's by one of my favorite oracle deck makers and the images are spot on. Be sure to download my free guide Daily Rituals for Your Magical Life if you are curious about how to use Oracle Cards in your daily morning rituals for the most aligned day.

White Light Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild


This is my all time favorite soothing tool for under eye darkness and sleepy eyes...(I've been buying this as gifts for the ladies in my life too!)

Gua Sha Scraping Tool for Eyes with Rose Quartz.


Currently Watching... The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime TV. I started watching this one on my own, then convinced Tony, my husband to watch it with me and then also my parents starting watching it... we have dinner conversations based on the clever writing and superb acting

Stay tuned for next week's Katherine's Week End Review where I share my weekly obsessions.




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