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We require new leaders.

We want people to show us how it's done. That it can be done.

We need leaders who inspire us, believe in us, and encourage us to go to our next level.

We yearn for the coaches, the business owners, the healers, the mystics, the thought leaders and the CEO to be fully in their own power and to be bouncing places for our own divinity and magic.

We don't need to be carbon copies of them- that's not what this is about.

We desire them to commune with us so that we are inspired. We want inspiration to be lit up. We need inspiration to be brave. We desire to be inspired take our message, work and passion to great heights.

Hierarchical leadership, the kind where there is one leader who influences the masses- that is an outdated paradigm.

There is a new paradigm of leadership emerging.

This kind of leadership allows for many, many leaders at the top. Inside this paradigm, the leaders all influence each other in powerful, unique ways. Not one is like the other. Because we celebrate our differences. We relish in them.

There are no pedestals.

There is no "better than."

There is no secretly wishing each other would fail or fall.

There is no fear of missing out.

There is no popularity contest.

There is no pushing a message or agenda.

There is no convincing others to buy.

There is no overcoming objections.

There are no games and no manipulation.

The new paradigm is about sovereignty for everyone.

It's about rising together in connectedness and collectively.

It's about raising each other up, one by one, so that we all feel sovereign.

It's very clean.

​The new paradigm wants many, many people at the top. Communing. Celebrating. Honoring. Expanding.

​And here's the thing. The people that you are here to influence and to lead... They are yearning for you to be sovereign. They crave it. They want you to show them how to be sovereign too. They want you to lead yourself first. They want you to expand yourself so that they naturally want to expand themselves.

The new paradigm is about showing up as your best, grounded self, sharing your work cleanly and authentically and inviting people into your realm with integrity. Inside this paradigm, your soul people naturally want to follow you and pay you because of your sovereignty. The new paradigm creates a natural magnetism where they want to be in your realm because you have owned who you are.


Katherine Phifer









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