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A few years ago I started picking a word for my next year. And, surprisingly, it stuck through the year. I would think about the word, have it posted, and reflect on it at the end of the year. It was the one thing I did that seemed to stay with me. Resolutions did not. The whole New Year, New Me vibe would fall off by the time February rolled around, and I would feel kinda like I failed. But the whole practice of picking out a word was really fabulous. I also picked a color (it has always been gold) that would match my word.

In those recent years, words like abundance, uncharted and expansive have guided me throughout the entire calendar year.

When picking a word, I recommend thinking about how you want to feel for the whole year. This is an easy way to stay focused on the next level you want to take yourself, and then reflect back on and realize that you are actually doing it! (For example, the year my word was "abundance" I started my coaching business, went to London and Paris with my love AND moved into a new house. The year my word was uncharted, I dived into new unknowns with my health and also with my business).

Down below I share with you three fun ways to "find" your word so that you aren't feeling like you are going around in circles about it.

But before we talk about ways to find your word, let's chat about mantras. Just like your word, a mantra is guiding statement that allows you to stay focused on how you want your year to look and feel. A mantra, like a belief, allows you to recode your mind to see the world in a different way.

One of my favorite mantras is "What's meant for me will not pass me by." When thinking about a mantra, you can literally pick any statement you want! Perhaps you want to focus on your money story this year, a great mantra could be "Money loves me." Or maybe you are ready for manifesting happy love, your mantra could be "Healthy, happy love is meant for me."

And, if you'd like to take your word and mantra to the next level, you could also set goals for yourself for the year. I find that this time of year is fabulous to reflect on how things went for the last calendar year and what you desire for the next year. Not in a resolution-y kind of way, but in a growth kind of way.

For example, maybe your word for 2021 is abundance, and your mantra is "What's meant for me will not pass me by." Your goals could be around how you desire to expand your abundance and how to be open to what's meant for you.

Here are three ways to find your word and mantra:

The first way is to let yourself dream about what you want 2021 to be like and to bring to you. Do you want more time? More love? More friendships? More wealth? More learning? Free write your dreams and write about how it would feel to have whatever you want more of in your life. Then, pick the feeling that feels like it sums up the experience the best. Then, base your mantra on an expanded version of your word.

The second way to find a word is to write out all the words, feelings and beliefs (mantras) that you'd like 2021 to be an example of. Cut out each word, organize them by word or mantra into two separate bowls and pick one from each bowl! Let the Universe decide for you!

And third, a fun way to find your word and mantra for 2021 is put on some soft music, close your eyes and allow the words to come to you. You'll know when the word and mantra are the right fit.

Here are some ideas for words and mantras for your 2021 year:










Progress over perfection.

What's meant for me will not pass me by.

Abundance is my birthright.

It's easy to be healthy.

My life is full of fun, ease and inspiration.

Here's to a healthy, happy, inspired 2021.

With love,


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