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Do you feel like you are tap dancing on a tight rope?

 * Do you have everything you dreamed of in some way or another, but you want more? 

* Do you someday your life?  "Someday... I'll have the million dollar business.  Someday... I'll have the family (relationship/friendships/life) I desire."

 * Is something holding you back from going BIG? 

* Does fear get in the way of you doing what you are here to do?

 * Are you so over all the expectations of your life? 

* Do you know deep in your heart you are meant to do big things, but something integral is holding you back?

 * Do you feel like you were put here on this planet right now to do something really big, but you feel like your life gets in the way? 

Are you ready to shift & change your life,

your work and how you show up in this world?

Before we dive into the details of this private mentorship program, I'd love to share with you the deep motivation I had in creating a program that focuses on abundance, leadership, business building, and living a life that is yours.  Of course, the motivation was birthed from a moment in time where I realized I was experiencing all of the issues listed above.  


And then I changed my story.

Here's what happened...


I realized that I was tap dancing on a tight rope (figuratively speaking).

The image came to me in a meditation vision where I was a little girl, with cute red ringlet curls, a black leotard, lots of glitter, a pink taffeta skirt, light pink tights and shiny black tap shoes.

During the meditation, as the viewer of my inner child, tears started streaming down my face.


I was tap dancing, twirling a baton, and navigating a tight rope.  I was looking for cheers and affirmation from my crowd.  I wasn't tap dancing for my heart or because I liked tap dancing.

I was tap dancing because I thought I had to.  

I feared that with one little slip I'd find myself falling deep into a dark, never-ending well of desperation, sadness, fear and shame.  If I fell, I'd let everyone down.  If I fell, I might never get back on the tight rope.

But, then, funny enough, I decided to jump off that tight rope. 

Actually, I told my coach about this vision and she encouraged me to get back into my meditation and to imagine falling off the tight ropeto find out what happens in the free flow.

And you know what?  

I was caught by my faith in the Universe.  

I was caught by my true self.  

I was caught by something magical and powerful.

I put my feet down on luscious, green earth and knew I was not that little girl anymore.

I didn't fall into a deep, endless and dark well.  In fact, I didn't fall into a well at all. I wasn't falling.  I put my feet down and I was supported in every way possible.

My real, authentic, true to me work began that day.

No longer was I living a life based on what society or the world (or even my world) expected.


No longer was I trying to pander myself to an audience (including my co-workers, my family, all of my people), trying to say the right thing, trying to prove myself, trying to seek approval.  No longer was I living a life for something or someone else. 

Let me tell you... I already had everything I wanted and dreamed of, but somehow I felt guilty for wanting more.  I had manifested the love, the family, the job.  


But, finally I realized that while I deeply loved what I had manifested, I wanted something that wasn't tangible or on the trajectory that was planned in my mind.  


I wanted something else.  

I wanted a deep sense of purpose.  

I wanted to not be tap dancing on a tight rope.

I wanted to be dancing in the woods, fully in my power, my red curls flowing.

And, it took stepping again, and again and again into my true power, my true abundance, my true gifts and my true power.

Fear dissolved. 

Expectations shifted. 

Abundance grew. 

Confidence increased.

Love deepened.

Money flowed. 

It wasn't about saying the right thing.  

It wasn't about proving myself.

It wasn't about tap dancing on a tight rope, fearing desperately to not fall off. 

Let's do this together.

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Welcome to the Private Mentorship Program with me, Katherine Phifer.  I know that every single hard lesson I've cried through, every client I've worked with over the past 15 years, every personal up-level I've walked through, every single dawning... they have been in my life so that I can support you through yours.  


Not in a "I know better" kind a way- please no, I don't know better than you do about your life- but in a "I see the world differently than anyone else you've ever met, and I will support you to live your most beautiful, authentic, turned on, soul yes,

happiest life" kind of way.


Together we will examine your whole life, your business, your work, your relationships, your abundance... you... to allow you to dance in the woods with your hair flowing freely, living the life of your most authentic self.

What to expect...

--->  Shift how you engage with your people, your life, your way of being. 

--->  Let go and release anything that is not really yours.  Expectations, judgements, ways of living that aren't true to you.

--->  Infuse fun, joy, sparkle in your everyday.  When did you stop having fun?  

--->  Build your business, your leadership or your work in a way that not only fuels you,  but serves your people in a way that's deeper and more fulfilling.

--->  Create daily practices that serve your soul. 

--->  Unsubscribe from what the world (your world) thinks you should do.

--->  Parent, run your business, engage in relationships that suit you, not necessarily the rest of the world. 

--->  Create weekly practices that allow you to do your work in a fulfilled, grounded way.This is opposite of feeling like you are running around like mad.

--->  Create new things!  Start a podcast, a blog, a new course, a membership...

--->  Let go of the practices, behaviors or habits that just don't serve you. 

--->  Live your life as if it is truly yours (because it is!). 

--->  Get super clear on your own abundance.  Abundance in cash flow, abundance in  love, abundance in everything you want.

--->  Shift your mindset, your behaviors and your actions to truly allow abundance to flow into your life. 

How it works...


The Private Mentorship Program is a 6 month (minimum) commitment for both of us.  First, we meet for a goal setting session to custom create your individualized program.  Because you are unique, we will take your desires and goals and action them for the next 6 months.  Expect both internal and external work. Some of it will be tangible and some of it will not. 


Then we meet weekly for 23 weeks to completely shift your life. You'll have daily "on the go mentoring" access through Voxer (a free walkie talkie like app) every Monday through Friday, during my business hours.  I offer time each week called "office hours" if you need me to look at something in your business or life that needs it. 


I'll share with you all of the cool things I've learned as a therapist and coach.  I'll also share with you all the ways you can shift your mindset, abundance and actions to support your most beautiful, happy and turned on life.


Everything we do is completely custom to you- no cookie cutter strategy here.  I am your mentor and your guide as you shift into the you you are meant to be.  I am here to support you to go for your goals and dreams (the happy love life, the million dollar business, the leadership role that you love, the amazing family life you know is destined for you). This work isn't for the weary, but my love, if I can do it, so can you.

In a nutshell...

* 6 Month Mentorship Program

* 1 x Goal Setting Session (usually 90 minutes)

* Unlimited Weekly Mentorship Sessions (usually 1 x Week for 60 minutes)

* Daily "On the Go Mentoring" on Voxer (M-F)

* Weekly Office Hours

Custom Videos, Workbooks, Assignments


* All Access Pass to Katherine's Library of Courses 

* All Access Pass to The Whole Leader Society during your Mentorship Program


Pay In Full for 6 Months: $7500

Or 6 Monthly Payments: $1250 per month

Next Steps...

#1) Reach out to myself and Team Katherine via email: 

 Ask any questions in this email.  

#2) Schedule a 30 minute complimentary chat to discuss with Katherine

your goals & desires.

#3) We will then get you your contract and payment link.

#4) Book your goal setting session.  

Your mentorship program starts during that session.

My advice for deciding if this is for you...

I am not a big fan of testimonials for things like this mentorship program.  

While social proof is amazing, and at times I look for reviews when making a decision (usually around hotel stays or if restaurants are worth my time)... Right now wouldn't be a moment that I would encourage you to look for someone else's opinion.  When I have made decisions like this it is always based on my intuition and gut.  I have plenty of very happy customers, people who have changed their lives for the good, but the point here is for you to make a decision from your soul. 


If you are on the fence on taking this deep dive, of shifting your life forever, and you are worried about the time and financial investment that comes with it, I recommend getting really clear with yourself.  What does your intuition say?  What does your higher self say? What does the version of you in 6 months time say?  The Queen You who has stepped fully into her turned on, amazing life?  What does she say?  


Then decide from there.  If your intuition is saying "OMG, YES!"... well, you have your answer!  If you aren't sure yet, no worries, there's other options listed below.

If you want to know what it's like to work with me... Well, I've worked with over a 150 clients as a psychotherapist and coach.  I'm generally on time, I respond to Voxer messages during my office hours and usually promptly, I am kind and generous, but also great at giving feedback.  I am as passionate about your goals as you are.  I only work privately with a couple people a year for this reason.  You can read more about my refund/cancellation policy down below. 

Also, if we have never worked together before, you can schedule an Abundance Blueprint Session with me first to see how I work.  You can read more about that here: 

Abundance Blueprint Session


How do the private mentoring sessions work?

You have access to my calendar, and are able to schedule your sessions ahead of time. Generally, I do mentorship calls on Tuesdays. If you have any questions about my schedule, please let us know in your email when you reach out.

How does "On the Go" Voxer Mentoring work?

This feature is usually my client's favorite part of the package. Voxer is a free, downloadable app that allows us to chat back and forth on the go from Monday to Friday. I prefer to use Voxer, but if that doesn't work for you, we can try a different app. This "on the go" feature of your mentoring program allows us to chat back and forth at our own leisure, throughout the day. All of our communication is completely confidential. We process your life, your day, your work in real time.

What's the refund policy?

Hey, I get it. This is a big investment! If, in your first week of coaching you are not 100% feeling the vibe, you will be refunded your investment minus $750. After your first week you will be expected to fufill your investment plan that you agreed upon in your contract. More details about this process are included in your coaching contract.

I have another question.  Who do I reach out to?

My team and I are here to answer any of your questions! You can reach out to

What do you guarantee?

I guarantee that I will show up with 110% of myself, my knowledge and my energy during your coaching experience. I only take on a small number of private clients at any given time so that I can provide you with the best possible service. When you show up with the same intentions and energy as me, there is no possible way that you won't see incredible results in your life, your business and your wealth. But, as my lawyer says, I can't guarantee specific wealth numbers or transformation.