In the Love Abundance Masterclass you have the opportunity to become clear on WHAT and WHO you are looking for when it comes to amazing love.

We combine the practical and the mindset work that it takes to find out what you desire when it comes love.

And, we go over how to create a digital vision board AND a physical one.  You can go big, you can go small.  You can be ultra crafty or ultra techie.

Part One:  Defining Healthy & Happy Love

Part Two: Heal Your Heart

Part Three: Manifest Happy Love

Part Four: The Creative Process

Part Five: Make Your Vision Board



VIDEO #1:  The 5 Step Manifestation Process for Abundant Love


VIDEO #2:  How to create a digital vision board.  (No purchase of images or digital platform required.  I'll show you how to find royalty free images and how to use the free version of CANVA.)

VIDEO #3:  What to shop for if you are going to create a physical vision board.  I'll go over the BEST supplies and show you how to easily purchase what you need no matter where you live.  I'll share with you a detailed shopping list (including an easy to access Amazon list!).

TOOLBOX:  You'll receive workbooks that share my favorite questions to get clear on WHAT & WHO you desire to have in your life.

MANIFEST LOVE MEDITATION:  We'll get into the the best way to call in abundance.  You can use this meditation over and over and over again.

VISION MAPPING TRAININGS:  I'll be sharing with you all of the ways you can easily and effectively create your vision board and how to take your visualizations to the next level for calling in what you want.




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