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the prosperity blueprint

Abundance Leadership Principals for

The Leader, Coach & Healer

As a leader, visionary, coach, healer or creative you are here to influence lives.  

You are here to make a difference.  

You are here to make an impact, on a micro and macro level.


And, making an impact is a lot easier to do

when you feel prosperous and abundant. 

Leadership & prosperity meld together in the most beautiful way.  

Abundance allows you to ground into your soul while also influencing the masses.  When you feel prosperous, you are able to focus on your work & life in a powerful way.


Let's expand your prosperity so that you lead from a place of grounded soul while experiencing more flow and ease in your life. 


By deeply owning your work, and embodying the magic of your unique influence...

your prosperity + abundance play a staring role. 


When I speak about prosperity + abundance,

I am talking about feeling rich in every area of your life.

I call it Leadership Riches.

It is holistic and encompasses

your money + love + relationships+ time + environment.

It infuses on every level of your life. 


When your Leadership Riches expand,

so does the power of your work.


​Prosperity supports you to go big while also staying grounded, connected and in flow. 


Your mindset, behaviors and actions change. 

You claim your gifts. 

You expand your reach. 

All while not sacrificing any other part of your life. 


If you want to go further, farther and bigger,

prosperity needs to know you are ready for the expansion. 


Recoding your mind, body and energy is a fabulous and solid practice if you want to expand your wealth along with all of the abundance in your life. Prosperity is a vibration, a mindset and an action too.


And best of all, it continues to grow as you do.


There’s no end game here.

Leadership Riches...

The Leadership Riches you seek are found inside the unique blueprint of your soul.

By utilizing 10 prosperity principals, we unlock your unique prosperity blueprint so that you engage in a leadership role and a life full of riches.  


Prosperity isn't just about cash flow, it's about abundance in every area of your life.  



Your Relationships.

Your Work.

Your Home.

Your Love.

And, Your Money Too.


Your prosperity blueprint is unique to you, entitled to you

 and will change throughout your lifetime.  


With this work, not only will we get money prosperity coded for you,

we will also code abundance in all areas of your life.  


This work is all inclusive and customizable for your unique life.

It alchemizes to your blueprint.


You have a unique prosperity blueprint that is only yours. Once you acknowledge it, 

no one can take it from you.

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I used to live in layers of scarcity, lack, self doubt and disconnection.  I believed there was cap on how much prosperity I could achieve.  There was a limit to what I could accept in my life.  I fell into my career paths, I accepted "good enough" and I journeyed in a way that wasn't fully authentic or true to me.

This was my way of life until I started thinking and behaving differently.

And one thing led to another. Prosperity 

layered upon all the areas of my life.  I realized there was a blueprint to my unique prosperity in relationships, love, work and money.  

And then it started to flow. 

The Prosperity Blueprint

The Prosperity Blueprint is a next level activating program that ignites your prosperity principals within.  It is a container full of upgrading and up-leveling.  It is a bit magical, slightly spiritual and completely attainable.

Over three weeks we activate the 10 unique Prosperity Principals and use specific methods to ignite your abundance on every level of your life.  Leadership Riches is an automatic outcome. 

Scarcity, lack, limiting thoughts, doing things according to someone else, feeling disconnected and like you are going around in circles

will be stories of the past. 

What's Involved...


•  Discover the Ten Prosperity Principals to

ignite Leadership Riches in every area of your life.

• Know how to apply the Prosperity Principals to your unique life.

•  Embody a more prosperous you- in all areas of your life.

•  Know what can thwart you from understanding your unique blueprint.

• Shed any limiting beliefs or mindset that's not prosperous.

This isn't a one and done kinda thing...

Funny, but your blueprint will change, shift and grow as you do. 

You have lifetime access to THE PROSPERITY BLUEPRINT PROGRAM.  


Any upgrades created for the course are yours.  

The Prosperity Blueprint Principals Embody... 

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Leadership Riches aren't just about cash flow.

 Prosperity is about feeling abundant on all levels of your life.  

When one part of your life upgrades, the other areas are surely to follow.  Money flows, relationships improve, love flourishes,

work feels connected and the riches you feel overflow.

If you are a coach, a healer, a guide or a leader,

this work is especially important for you.

Because when you flourish, so do the people you help.

When you flourish you expand your work in an aligned, powerful way.


Pouring from a full cup is a requirement.


Words of Affirmation 

I worked with Katherine Phifer for 1.5 years.  In that time, I manifested a job and a romantic relationship beyond my wildest imagination, I purchased a home independently and started an entrepreneurial venture. I 100% believe that I attracted all of those fabulous things into my life because Katherine's coaching helped me to laser focus on what I really wanted, identify what I would feel like when I reached my goals, and eliminate limiting beliefs and roadblocks that I didn't even know I had. My Action Plan was driven by me, but Katherine was there to help when I had blind spots and to make suggestions. She was extremely professional, kind, warm and positive and I always looked forward to our sessions. She held me accountable to do my homework, but was also understanding when life got in the way. And she seemed to have the perfect book or podcast suggestion for every topic that I wanted more information on! If you are ready to claim your power and manifest what you're truly dreaming of, I suggest that you run, not walk, to sign up to work with Katherine! I think that you'll quickly find (like I did) that YOU--and she--are worth the investment.

~Sarah Hogan

Words of Affirmation 


Katherine is simply one of the kindest, authentic and reliable souls I’ve ever crossed paths with.  I know I can always count on her to thoughtfully listen and provide productive thought provoking conscious conversation. She has a special way of holding a safe space to work through life’s challenges - personal and business.  With her support I’ve been able to walk more authentically in the shoes I’m meant to be wearing not the ones society tells me I need to.  Her gifts have helped me open up to receive the blessings life has to offer.  I can’t praise Katherine and her unique way of getting me soul aligned so I can do the work and live the life I’m divinely meant to.  I 1000% recommend working with Katherine. Without her support I wouldn’t be succeeding the way I am today!  Thank you, thank you thank you, Katherine!

~Melissa Mooney-Lopez

What you get...

• Lessons for each of the Prosperity Principals that you can access

again and again, on repeat.

• Lessons + activations + solutions to deal with

what thwarts your prosperity blueprint.

• Supportive tools to use to connect in with your prosperity 

on all levels of your soul. 

• Lifetime access to the course.


A private fun Facebook Group for the launch of the program (over 21 Days!)

Are you ready to do this?

The Live Round Starts April 26th.

Read all of the terms & conditions HERE.