And Yet, Rosé All Day?


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Rosè all day???  I’ve never been a fan of rosè but give me a cool, crisp glass of Sauv Blanc and...

I love cocktails and especially wine...  it's one of my favorite things.  

Liquid gold in a cup.  My favorite coping skill.

But, over time my relationship with alcohol became toxic.

I wasn't a big drinker before I had kids.

I mean, I liked wine, of course, and in grad school

I could write a 20 page paper while sipping a glass of chardonnay...


I started drinking more frequently when my twin boys were toddlers.  

Those years were incredibly stressful.  I was super happy to get through the day without

going the the emergency room.  My boys were beautiful, big spirited individuals who I had a hard time

chasing around all day long. Combine my sweet, busy boys with an intense job and a partner

who was a first responder and gone for day or two at at time, and 5 o'clock became

my absolute favorite part of the day. Mommy Juice was my special thing. 

 I was relying on wine to make me feel better about things I couldn’t control. 

A glass of wine helped me with my anxiety. 

Mommy Juice might have made me a slightly nicer mommy- in the moment. 

A glass of wine at the end of the day signaled:

“Hey! Good job Mama and Worker Bee, it’s time to relax!  Yay!!”

It's time to change our relationships with alcohol.


The media and the world want you to drink Rosè all day.  

At the time of this publishing, 

the alcohol industry’s United States revenue is in excess of $250 billion a year.

Alcohol is eve-ry-wh-ere... television, movies, restaurants, social media...

it symbolizes a good time, relaxation and a treat...

things we are starving for normally.

But, what if we created the ultimate act of rebellion and revolution and created a

relationship with alcohol that made sense?

As a mentor and a guide, I'm not big on absolutes....

I never will say "You must do give up alcohol in order to succeed!"  That's not my style.  

But what I will do is encourage you to change your behaviors if they are not serving you.


If alcohol is like a bad boyfriend or girlfriend, I would encourage you to break up with it.


If you needed to wake up and consciously engage with your cocktails,

I would encourage you to take a break from it for a bit and change how you operate around it. 


For me, my behaviors around alcohol were certainly not serving me. 

My higher self nagged at me continuously.  

I felt like alcohol was ultimately getting in the way of my life and my business. 


I had conversations with everyone I could trust in confidence about the brevity of my issue.  

Did I need to label myself?  What was a healthy amount of drinking?  


I compared myself to people on the internet and social media,

programs I enrolled in, articles I read, books I purchased.  

I didn’t really fit in.  

I was drinking enough to be numb on a regular basis,

and I certainly liked that buzzy feeling that wine created, 

but I wasn’t often drunk, rarely hung over and didn’t drink everyday.

What I realized was that, thanks to some of the best

sobriety influencers out there and a conversation with my doc,

that I was definitely on the spectrum of having an issue with booze.  

And, I needed to completely change my relationship with my glass(es) of wine.  

That change was going to take some work.


What that change really meant was that I was

going to have to change my relationship with myself too.  

I was going to have to change how I dealt with things.

Statements like: “I NEED a glass of wine” could no longer be part of my vocabulary.  

I would have to lean on different healthier coping skills to live my life.

You have the opportunity to feel much better.


At the time of publishing this webpage, I am sober curious.

And right now, I feel amazing. 

I am sleeping fabulously, I am more grounded than I have been in a while 

and I don’t feel slightly numb all the time. 

Plus, some of my autoimmune symptoms vanished over the past few weeks and that feels good.

Someday,  I might invite wine back into my life,

and hopefully the relationship will be drastically different.  

If, I decide start to drink again and find out that wine 

has become the bad boyfriend I worry it might be,

and my relationship with it hasn't really changed...

I know we will have to break up forever.


If you are ready to change your relationship with alcohol,

I’d like to invite you to download the audio lecture and workbook titled 

And Yet, Rosé All Day?

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but please don't worry... your details are 100% anonymous.  

Your confidentiality is safe in my hands, my love.  


Plus, it's time to take the shame out of desiring to have the most high vibe, happy and conscious life. 


It’s time to be the rebel that you ARE and take the best care of yourself that you CAN.

What to expect in the

audio lecture and workbook:


Inside the And Yet, Rosé All Day? Audio and Workbook:

The Power Of 3s:

1.) I'll share with you 3 ways to consciously change your relationship with alcohol.

2.) We will cover 3 things to be prepared for when you do change your relationship with alcohol.

3.) We'll discuss 3 things that *finally* worked for me as I was changing my relationship with alcohol.

Plus, I'll give you my answer to why it is so hard for women

who are doing #allthethings to change their relationship with alcohol.  

What I Will NOT Be Sharing:

I won't be going into my full love affair with wine.  

Besides sharing a few things about how I felt over the years and

some the things I experienced from my unhealthy relationship with it,

I won't dive into much else.


I personally find those stories traumatizing and

I want you to be able to connect in with your own intuition 

when it comes to your relationship with alcohol.

I will share with you how I figured out how to connect in with my own intuition.