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find your 


21 days to completely unleash what you are here to do & commit to your soul path.  

Your dreams are not silly,

they are revolutionary.

Your higher self isn't wrong.

Do you ever wonder...

Do you ever wonder what you are really meant to be doing?  

Do you wonder why are you here? 

Are you curious about your purpose?

Are you asking yourself (and everyone else in your life) what you are supposed to do?

Do you with that somebody would please just give you a sign for crying out loud?!

Do you secretly wish you were doing something else with your life?

Are you waiting for the right time to do it?

Do you wonder if you could ever make money doing the thing you actually love? 

Do you often worried that what you really desire to do will take too much?

Too much time.

Too much investment.

Too many certifications. 

If you already know your soul path, do you wonder... 

Why is it so easy to get thwarted from your mission? 

Why does it often feel like a million things get in the way? 

Why does it feel like everyone else has this figured out?

You have a unique, sacred path that is only yours. Once you find it, no one can take it from you.

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The things you are meant to do in this lifetime were specifically chosen for you. 

It may not be the easiest or smoothest path- but it's yours.  Figuring out what that means though, can be really challenging.

It can actually feel really scary.

There are layers to uncover, fears to let go of, logistics to figure out. 

There are things that can thwart you and keep you from being on your path. 


But, my friend, your path is waiting for you.

Your Sacred Soul Path

Your Sacred Soul Path is an online, digital program that helps you determine what you are here to do, create a path that lights you up, and helps you stay the course. 

Whether you are feeling the tingle to do something new, or you are already living your life mission, this program will support you to stay true to you and the unique work you are here to do.  This program will support you while you grow, open up and connect more deeply into your sacred calling.  And, even better... this work isn't meant to do alone.  You'll have a community of soul aligned humans to bounce your ideas off and connect with as you bravely embark on your sacred soul path.

What's Involved...


•  Learn how to listen to your higher self and make soul aligned decisions.

• Find out what your soul calling really is and start your path.

•  Create the steps to unleash your sacred soul path

(even if you are already on the path). 

•  Determine what's keeping you from stepping into or growing into your path.

•  Know what keeps you from staying grounded in your path.

•  Win at honoring your soul.

• Dismiss any doubt for your sacred soul path.

• Create a community to support your path.

This isn't a one and done kinda thing...

Funny, but your path will change, shift and grow as you do.  You will invite new people in your life, and your path with change.  Your role will change in your life, and then so will the trajectory of your path. 

Or you will get a nudge from the Universe to do something different, and so you will.  This program is meant to be used over and over as you shift your life.

You have lifetime access to the Find Your Sacred Soul Path Course.  


Any upgrades created for the course are yours.  

Any live rounds of the course, you will be invited to.  

And bonus, you are investing in something that is sure to rise in price every time it launches.  Well done, you!

The Sacred Soul Path Modules... 


Uncover Your Sacred Soul Path

This week is all magic.  We get incredibly clear on what your sacred soul path is and how you can make it happen.



Release with Love

Sometimes we can't see our path because it is so covered with brush. We embark on week two of the program by clearing away anything that keeps us from fully embarking on our Sacred Soul Path.




Claim It All 

This week is all about claiming your sacred soul path as your own. 

We will get super clear on how to handle doubters, fears and how to strategically make your path happen. 


Words of Affirmation 

I worked with Katherine Phifer for 1.5 years in a private coaching capacity. In that time, I manifested a job and a romantic relationship beyond my wildest imagination, I purchased a home independently and started an entrepreneurial venture. I 100% believe that I attracted all of those fabulous things into my life because Katherine's coaching helped me to laser focus on what I really wanted, identify what I would feel like when I reached my goals, and eliminate limiting beliefs and roadblocks that I didn't even know I had. My Action Plan was driven by me, but Katherine was there to help when I had blind spots and to make suggestions. She was extremely professional, kind, warm and positive and I always looked forward to our sessions. She held me accountable to do my homework, but was also understanding when life got in the way. And she seemed to have the perfect book or podcast suggestion for every topic that I wanted more information on! If you are ready to claim your power and manifest what you're truly dreaming of, I suggest that you run, not walk, to sign up to work with Katherine! I think that you'll quickly find (like I did) that YOU--and she--are worth the investment.

~Sarah Hogan

Words of Affirmation 


Katherine is simply one of the kindest, authentic and reliable souls I’ve ever crossed paths with.  I know I can always count on her to thoughtfully listen and provide productive thought provoking conscious conversation. She has a special way of holding a safe space to work through life’s challenges - personal and business.  With her support I’ve been able to walk more authentically in the shoes I’m meant to be wearing not the ones society tells me I need to.  Her gifts have helped me open up to receive the blessings life has to offer.  I can’t praise Katherine and her unique way of getting me soul aligned so I can do the work and live the life I’m divinely meant to.  I 1000% recommend working with Katherine. Without her support I wouldn’t be succeeding the way I am today!  Thank you, thank you thank you, Katherine!

~Melissa Mooney-Lopez

What you get...

Videos, Audios, Workbooks, Journal Prompts to clear & ignite your path.

Three Live Workshop Trainings (once weekly, with unlimited replays)

Access to The Sacred Soul Healing Portal with specific tools to release & grow.

(The Sacred Soul Healing Portal includes a library of new meditations, videos, journal exercises for your own unique personal preferences.)

A high level, private FB community to shift with a community of soul-humans.

Are you ready to do this?


Hey, I'm Katherine and I have been on quite the path.

The journey sure hasn't been a straight line, even though it has usually felt soul aligned.  From being an art student with a minor in the worlds religions to being an art therapist, psychotherapist and supervisor, to becoming a life/relationship/business coach, writer and speaker... I haven't actually known how the path was going to unfold.

Throw in relationships, parenthood, soul work along with it- and the path has opened up in ways I could have never imagined. 

Listen, I haven't always known what I was put on this planet to do.  When I was an art therapist, I liked my work- but it wasn't IT.  I felt a tingle to do something more, I just didn't know what that was.  I thought I was supposed to be a leader in work I did, but when I became a supervisor, I realized that was IT either.  And, when I became a coach, I had to try on a few roles before coming to the realization that my soul work is to support women who are here to do big things to flourish on all levels. 

You can read more about me HERE.

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