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Soul Aligned Leader

Shift how you show up.

The Soul Aligned Leader Program is a 1:1 container for people who identify as leaders...

Wellness providers, coaches, healers, CEOs, supervisors, writers, artists, mothers, therapists, entrepreneurs, business owners and influencers. 

Inside the program we customize the work to suit your needs as a leader.  

We define what you need.  We shift what you need.  We shape what you need.


Sovereign = an acknowledged leader.

You are inherently sovereign.

It is time to take back your power.

It is time to shift how you "do" your work. 

It is time to embody your leader identity in a new way.

This isn't a typical business/leadership coaching program.  It's a partnership.

Inside the Soul Aligned Leader 1:1 Program together as partners we:

Revamp Your Work

Rewrite Your Life

Rewire Your Mindset

Reconnect Your Relationships

Revitalize Your Money Story

We amplify what is working.

We shift what isn't working.

We take a whole person approach.  

Your mind, body and soul are integral pieces of the puzzle. 

We examine strategy, tools, systems to up-level your work & leadership role.

We ignite your soul on a new level. 

We connect into your feminine and masculine energy

(they alchemize no matter your gender or identification).

We take back your fun and sparkle (they are really important).

We connect your mission with the rest of your life.

We look at the functionality of your work.

We shift how business flows for you (this is catered to your unique line of work).

We up level whatever needs up-leveling:

Your visibility, your productivity, your team running and your business logistics.

We tap into your inherent abundance. 

We let go of fear.

We allow for more flow. 

The Whole Leader Model

The Whole Leader Model focuses on the leader first.  

This prioritizes the person's mind, body and soul.  

This also encompasses the leader's life outside of the leadership role, including family, partners, friends, children and other important realms of life.

Then, we focus on the leader's mission and work. 

You as a whole leader.

The Soul Aligned Leader 1:1 Program is completely customized to you and your goals. 

Here are a few of the ways we can honor you as the whole leader:


--->  Shift how you honor your mind, body and soul.

--->  Deeply understand how your body is your temple.

--->  Connect deeply to your own soul work.  

--->  Create daily practices that serve you as the leader of your life and work.

--->  Shift how you engage with your people, your life, your way of being. 

--->  Let go and release anything that is not really yours.  

--->  Let go of expectations, judgements and ways of living that aren't true to you.

--->  Infuse fun, joy, sparkle in your everyday. 

--->  Unsubscribe from what the world thinks you should do.

--->  Parent, run your business, engage in relationships that completely suit you.

--->  Create weekly practices that allow you to do your life in a fulfilled, grounded way. 

--->  Let go of the practices, behaviors or habits that just don't serve you. 

--->  Live your life as if it is truly yours. (Because it is!)

--->  Get super clear on your own abundance on all levels.

--->  Shift your mindset around scarcity and abundance.

--->  Shift your behaviors and your actions to truly allow all abundance to flow to you. 

Your leadership mission & practices.

We also focus on your leadership role, practices and mission.  Your unique set of skills is the reason you are a leader.  Here are few things we can cover:


--->  Create or revamp your leadership mission. What are you here to do? 

--->  Build your business, your leadership or your work in a way that fuels you. 

--->  Serve your people in a way that's deep and fulfilling.

--->  Create new things! A podcast, a blog, a new course, a membership, a new role...

--->  Lead your people in a way that doesn't sacrifice any of you.

--->  Tap into your inherent power as a leader.

--->  Honor what is happen in the world with your own education of social issues.

--->  Expand your understanding and roles concerning privilege, authority and power. 

--->  Expand and shift how you engage with the patriarchy (the current way life is set up).

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The Soul Aligned Leader 1:1 Program Details

4 Month Minimum*

1 x 90 Minute Goal Setting Session

Weekly 60 Minute Sessions

Monday - Friday Voxer Support

Customized Workbooks, Videos & Meditations

*During week 14 we will discuss if you'd like to extend your coaching further.


The Soul Leader Bundle (a $97 value)



or 4 monthly payments of $890

or 8 bi-weekly payments of $450

Next Step:

Fill out a quick questionnaire

Schedule a 20 minute Complimentary Chat with Katherine

P.S. There are limited spots open for the program!


How do the private 1:1 sessions work?

You have access to my calendar, and are able to schedule your sessions ahead of time. If you have any questions about my schedule, please let me know in your complimentary chat.

How does "On the Go" Voxer Mentoring work?

This feature is usually my client's favorite part of the package. Voxer is a free, downloadable app that allows us to chat back and forth on the go from Monday to Friday. I prefer to use Voxer, but if that doesn't work for you, we can try a different app. This "on the go" feature of your mentoring program allows us to chat back and forth at our own leisure, throughout the day. All of our communication is completely confidential. We process your life, your day, your work in real time.

What's the refund policy?

Hey, I get it. This is a big investment! If, in your first week of coaching you are not 100% feeling the vibe, you will be refunded your investment minus $225. After your first week you will be expected to fufill your investment plan that you agreed upon in your contract. More details about this process are included in your coaching contract.

I have another question.  Who do I reach out to?

My team and I are here to answer any of your questions! You can reach out to

What do you guarantee?

I guarantee that I will show up with 110% of myself, my knowledge and my energy during your coaching experience. I only take on a small number of private clients at any given time so that I can provide you with the best possible service. When you show up with the same intentions and energy as me, there is no possible way that you won't see incredible results in your life, your business and your wealth. But, as my lawyer says, I can't guarantee specific wealth numbers or transformation.