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The Sovereign Leader

The Sovereign Leader Knows.

She knows where her power comes from.

She knows WHO she is and WHAT she is here to do.

She affirms her feminine royalty.

She rises to share her gifts.

She empowers others to rise with her.

She sheds the cloak that keeps her partially hidden.

She embodies her unique sovereignty.

She claims her place in this world.

She leads.

She looks for her answers within.

She is not afraid to change or grow.

And she runs her work + life with sovereignty.

It's time to claim your sovereignty.

The Sovereign Leader is a new kind of leader who leads with her self first.


She creates her own rules for her life and her work,

so that she serves her people as much as she serves herself.   

She is passionate.  

She is curious.  

She is ready to step out of the sidelines and claim her space in this expanding world.


She is here to make a difference and an impact.

She owns her power.

She embodies her sovereignty.

She embraces  + owns her magic.

She is the Queen of her life + work.

She sees life from her own grounded soul-

which is full of abundance on all levels.

She is YOU and you are HER.

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Sovereignty is your birthright.

The only thing you have to do is claim it.

Sovereignty is waiting for you. 

You are invited to express your powerful self. 

To lead others in a new way.

To lead yourself with divinity. 

To create change.

To influence others in micro & macro ways.

To step out of the box and into the light.

To flourish in wealth + health.


Sovereignty is waiting for you.

embody your sovereignty +

impact the world +


Sovereign Leader is a Paradigm

The Sovereign Leader Program + Mastermind is a construct of divine leadership.

It starts with the reclamation of freedom and independence.

It creates healing from the inside out.

It supports flourishing foundations.

It designs a flow based, intuitive business.

It magnetizes and expands wealth.

It creates a new way to lead- from the soul.

Sovereign Leader is...

A learning portal.  

community vortex.  

A business mastermind.

A leadership program.


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The coach.  The healer.  The creative.  The mystic. 

The leader.

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sovereign leader

-About the Program_

#1.The Modules

Sovereign Woman

The declaration.

Begin with the declaration of your feminine power + gifts as the sovereign leader. The first step in this work is to remember what we've been taught to forget--how to do our work + lives from a place of feminine power.  This work is about communing, visioning, dreaming and embracing our power.

Crystal clarity.

Gain crystal clarity on your divine vision for ultimate impact in the work you are here to do.  Vision work is incredibly transformative.  With specific tools to develop crystal clarity on your divine vision- you will create a new way to be + do your life and business.

Sovereign leader energy.

Embody the sovereign leader energy.  Your energy dictates everything that enters your world. Start with creating practices that solidify the energy you want to lead with (and then take it further in the Sovereign Energy module). 

Beliefs + habits.

Shed beliefs + habits that no longer serve you in your sovereignty.  Adopt ones that do.

module 1

week one

Sovereign Foundations

Create space.

Sovereignty needs space to grow and flourish.  Create beautiful space for your sovereignty in your work + life.  I'll share with you my daily practices to create space and room for sovereignty to be expansive.

Flourish in your holistic wellness + health.

Your temple will dictate how much you can hold and expand.  Your body knows. It also regenerates and heals.  Flourish with your holistic wellness + health as the leader.

Boundaries love.

Shed any worry that you have with creating beautiful boundaries so that you can do your work as a Sovereign Queen.

Sacred daily routines + practices.

Your sacred sovereignty is found in your daily routines and practices.  I'll show you my favorite ways to flourish + expand + feel grounded.

module 2

week two

Sovereign Energy

Persecution + witch wounds.

Often women carry generations of persecution wounds that keep them hidden. Healers + change makers have often been silenced throughout the centuries.  By healing these deep wounds, we allow ourselves to step beyond our protective cloaks and shine as Sovereign Leaders.  This can apply whether you claim yourself as a witch or not!

Sister wounds.

We yearn for community.  Sister wounds keep us stuck in a perpetual cycle of comparison and competition.  Healing these wounds allows us to flourish in community.

Sovereign leader energy.

Your energy speaks volumes and reaches your masses.  By channeling your unique energetic frequency, you are able to empower yourself and others to shift and grow.

Your divine feminine. 

The divine feminine has so much power in your work + life.  This is all about allowing yourself to connect in with your divine feminine and operate with flow + ease.

Rich, deep magnetism.

By creating energetic magnetism in your everyday life, you turn up your energy and experience flourishing on all levels. 

module 3

week three

Sovereign Business

Business with pleasure + ease.

The beauty of running our own businesses is that we get to do it in a way that feels really good.  We don't have to subscribe to complicated practices or outdated policies.  We get to create from a place of pleasure + ease.

Sovereign power. 

As the leader of your community, you get to show people how it is done.  By claiming your sovereignty and leading from a place of grounded connection, you are able to shift your people.

The divine feminine + divine masculine in business.

Your work practices get to be a beautiful combination of divine feminine flow and divine masculine structures.

Business intuition.

Your intuition is your greatest super power.  This lesson is all about developing and practicing the skills to operate from an intuitive place.

Magnetic message.

Sharing your message and mission gets to be fun, easy and magnetic.  Drop the old ways of marketing and adopt fun practices to speak from your soul.

module 4

week four

Sovereign Wealth

Money Love.

One of our most important relationships is the one we have with money.  It can be complicated + powerful.  Sovereignty is all about healing our relationship with wealth so that we can make a larger impact on the world. 

Abundance Embodiment.

As you embody abundance -on all levels of your life-  you connect more deeply to your mission + your power.  Abundance is a spirit + mindset practice.

Sustainable wealth.

Sustainable, rising wealth can be the bedrock to your business.  Your wealth doesn't have to rise and dip- it can be on a trajectory of only rising.  The better it gets the better it gets. 

Sovereign leadership + money.

Money can do really good things in the world.  We get really clear on how to be a sovereign leader and welcome in cash flow.

Wealth on All Levels.

Incode into your mind + body + soul + business the wealth codes that will support you to consistently have an abundance of money.

module 5

week five

Sovereign Leadership

Queen sovereignty.

As the Queen of your life + work- you get to embody your own unique sovereignty. Build trust with yourself, make decisions based on intuition and always take care of yourself first. 

Feminine leadership.

Embody the feminine in everything you do. Feminine energy is incredibly 

powerful, magical and sustainable.  

Collapsing time + quantum leaping.

Learn my unique codes to collapse time, quantum leap and express yourself as the leader you came here to be. 

Anointing sovereignty.

Anoint yourself as a sovereign leader.  Incorporate all of the lessons you've learned inside the program and claim you sovereignty.

module 6

week six

#2.The Tools

Sovereign Spells

Each module contains a supportive + simple Sovereign Spell to ignite growth, healing or other powerful work inside the program.  

Sovereign Spells are the icing on the cake.

#3.The Live Trainings


the spells

The Sovereign Sanctuary

The Sovereign Sanctuary holds many supportive tools for you to use whenever you need them.  This includes mediations, vision work, EFT tapping videos, art activations, New Moon + Full Moon practices and much more.


the temple

The Live Rounds

Once you join Sovereign Leader, you have access to the program + supportive tools for life.  However, we do LIVE ROUNDS of the program multiple times per year.  This structure allows you to come back to the program as many times as you like to take your work as a Sovereign Leader deeper.  

There is magic in participating in the live rounds of the program multiple times. 


The live rounds of the program include weekly live video trainings/calls for each module (with recordings). 

Monthly Calls

During the months we are not in a Live Round, we will have a monthly mastermind training for any support you need. 


live trainings

#4.The Sovereign Leader Coven

The Coven

The Sovereign Leader Coven is a private Facebook Group that holds our virtual community.  This is a 24/7 mastermind like community where we relish in connection, share our wins and support each other to rise as Sovereign Leaders.



the community

#5.Option to go ViP

The Premium Option

 The Premium VIP Option includes:

++ The Entire Sovereign Leader Program with Lifetime Access

++ Two 60 minute leadership 1:1 calls with Katherine

++ Daily, Monday- Friday Voxer On the Go Coaching

Go Vip

vip option

_What's Included-

when you join

Sovereign Leader


The sovereign Leader Modules + program

All of the program + tools + spells will be dropped into your Sovereign Leader portal weekly for 6 weeks.


The sovereign Leader Facebook Coven

This is your 24/7 global inner circle + mastermind that is always active.

Join the community and elevate your sovereignty.


Access to The live trainings + Program for life

Take your sovereignty deeper during each live round.

Live trainings occur during the live round + monthly supportive calls.

Client Love

Katherine's coaching helped me to laser focus on what I really wanted, identify what I would feel like when I reached my goals, and eliminate limiting beliefs and roadblocks that I didn't even know I had.  If you are ready to claim your power and manifest what you're truly dreaming of, I suggest that you run, not walk, to sign up to work with Katherine!


~Sarah Hogan

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Let's Expand You

Into the leader you desire to be.


Join Once, Stay Forever.

Decide with  your HEART + SOUL.


-Sovereign Leader_

The sovereign Leader program


-ViP Sovereign Leader-

The sovereign Leader VIP program


_Now Is The Time-

You get to be 

the sovereign leader

Hey! I'm Katherine.

I am an intuitive business, leadership and wealth mentor.  I have discovered it all when it comes to running a business with flow + ease, while also increasing wealth.  Prior to being a mentor, I was a supervisor, art therapist + psychotherapist for in-crisis teens and their families for over a decade.  I have supported hundreds of people to grow, shift and claim their unique power.  I am thrilled to be along the ride to support you to honor your gifts, reclaim your feminine sovereignty and do your business and life in a way that serves you. Welcome to the new paradigm. 

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