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Love Abundance Vision Board Masterclass

What kind of love

are you manifesting?

happy love.

inspiring love.

abundant love.

powerful love.

magical love.

I know you are ready for abundant,

powerful, magical, happy, gorgeous love in your life.  

Image by Sarah Gualtieri

There's a few important factors that go into attracting fabulous love...

(1) Visualize the kind of love you are ready for.

(2) Get clear on your own vibe when it comes to fabulous love. 

(3) Understand what isn't in your highest favor when it comes to love.

(4) Do all the things that your heart & faith say to attract in that love.

Easy, peasy lemon squeezy... right?!

Yes!  While it feels like it could be complicated,

it's really quite simple.

Sometimes we get in our own way,

or we don't know what kind of love we actually desire.

We are going to solve the whole

"not knowing what you desire"

dilemma for you right now...

By visualizing what you desire AND by putting it out into the Universe,

you are creating the energy to call in that high vibe love that you deserve.


And, there's some pretty great power in the whole experience of 

 getting clear with yourself on what kind of love your are open to.  

So, that's what we are going to do!  

Welcome, my friend, to the...

Love Abundance Vision Board Masterclass!

Inside this masterclass we are going to get incredibly clear 

on WHAT and WHO you are looking for

when it comes to amazing love.

We are going to combine the practical and the mindset work

that it takes to find out what you desire when it comes love.

I am going to teach you how to create

a digital vision board AND a physical one.  

You can go big, you can go small.  

You can be ultra crafty or ultra techie-

and I am going to walk you through the ENTIRE PROCESS.

My friend, we are going to NAME and CLAIM

the love you are ready to call in.  

And NOW is the perfect time.

What Happens in the Masterclass?


The Abundant Love Vision Board Masterclass is an online, interactive course that will connect you with your abundant love.​

In the course I share with you key ways to determine what you want when it comes to love. 

We meditate on getting connected to what abundant love looks and feels like uniquely to you.

I teach you how to create a digital vision board

(down to the platforms to use and

where you can find images).

I take you on a shopping trip to review what to buy for your own unique vision board.

I walk you through, step by step on how to create a gorgeous, soul affirming vision board.  

And, I share with you new insights, tools & techniques on how to attract in the

most abundant love.

Best of all, you are able gift yourself and the trajectory of your life by getting clear on your most fabulous love. 

I mean, abundant love has a ring to it, yeah?

Gift Yourself this Year...

By clicking on the button above, you agree to the terms & conditions of this offer.

VIDEO #1:  How to create a digital vision board.  (No purchase of images or digital platform required.  I'll show you how to find royalty free images and how to use the free version of CANVA.)

VIDEO #2:  What to shop for if you are going to create a physical vision board.  I'll go over the BEST supplies and show you how to easily purchase what you need no matter where you live.  I'll share with you a detailed shopping list (including an easy to access Amazon list!).

TOOLBOX:  You'll learn my favorite ways to get clear on WHAT & WHO you desire to have in your life with a few of my favorite downloadable tools.

MEDITATION:  We'll get into the the best way to call in abundance.  You can use this meditation over and over and over again.

VISION MAPPING TRAININGS:  I'll be sharing with you all of the ways you can easily and effectively create your vision board and how to take your visualizations to the next level for calling in what you want.

CREATIVE VIDEO:  I discuss all the ways you can create your gorgeous vision board in this video.  We'll start creating your vision board together during this video.

LIFETIME ACCESS:  You'll have all of the information stored in a portal for you to have easy accessibility.

What's Included:

Gift Yourself:

>> Learn my favorite ways to create a digital & physical vision board.

>> Find out the best ways to channel what you desire in love.

>> Create time over 2 weeks to make your vision board.

>> Learn techniques to NOT get overwhelmed in the whole vision board making process.

>> Find out my favorite tools for making a digital AND physical vision board. 

Biz Vision Board.png

Hey! I'm Katherine!

Psychotherapist and art therapist turned empowerment educator, podcaster and coach, I help women live empowered, conned

Mixing practical with the spiritual, I have a unique perspective on manifesting love.  

You can find out more about me HERE.

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