Praise for Katherine

"You helped me organize all of the tools I needed to set my life in a way that I am more in alignment.  

I am doing things I love and am on a career path that is true to me."


When I started coaching with Katherine I had just moved with my husband and two young kids.  I was putting a million things on my “to do” list daily and non of them included self care.  I always felt that by putting myself first that I was being selfish, but by reading Katherine’s newsletter and being a part of her Facebook group I realized how important it would be to start focusing on self care. I wanted to find a way to incorporate self care (physical, mental, and emotional) into my daily routine but I was having a hard time doing this on the regular.  Then, I would become exhausted from expending all of my energy but not replenishing it enough.   I hired Katherine to help me figure out how to focus on my own self care while being a busy mother. 


Now that my coaching sessions with Katherine have finished, I allow myself to take time out for me.  It is, of course, easier to do as my children get older, but I think I have gotten over the stigma in my head that I was being “selfish”.  I am happier in my relationships with my husband and my kids when I have had time to take care of myself.  My anxiety is lower as I settle into a self-care routine as well.  My friends and family have noticed that I make more time for myself and my self care.  My husband especially recognizes how important it is for me and also how important it is for him to have self care moments for himself.

"You came into my life at just the right time, Katherine."

Katherine is heart-centered, attentive, caring, and approachable.  I was expecting someone with her credentials to be more intimidating, but she immediately put me at ease.  I knew Katherine was going to believe in me to reach my goal. She had confidence in ME!  I started to believe that, with her help, I really could meet my goals.  After working with Katherine, I have more confidence to go after what lights me up!  My experience with her was fun, motivating, and validating.

Anyone coached by Katherine will grow to love themselves more as they are taking actions towards their goals. She is an amazing encourager, motivator, and listener. 





My expectations about the coaching experience with Katherine was to come in and have open, confidential conversations where I was listened to and encouraged and where I came away with two or three things that were clarified in my life.  Since coaching with Katherine, I have significant more creativity, energy and focus. I’m super excited about working on what brings me passion now!  


I appreciate Katherine’s straight-forward approach and her questions to help facilitate what was kind of jumbled up in my thinking!  Her sense of humor is wonderful.  The experience was clarifying, fun, revealing and energizing.

"I am happier, more grounded and ready for the life I want to live."

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