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With your one precious life... You are here to embrace your unique abundance, connect deeply and passionately with others, and engage in work that inspires your soul.  

You are a Visionary.  

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living your truth, embracing your spiritual connection, being an empowered leader and whole living on every  level of your life.

Your whole leader vibe starts with you.



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Hi.  I'm Katherine Phifer.  

I'm your guide in this fabulous online space.  This little nook on the inter-webs holds so many powerful tools for you to up-level your life.

The time to feel empowered, grounded, soul connected, abundant, magical and wildly wealthy is now.

How you live, how you love, how you lead... all starts with you. YOU are your most powerful asset.  Gone are the days that a cookie cutter strategy might get you to where you need to be.  We know you require the foundation, but not the rules.


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Join in on the movement, blog and resources to up level your life, and lead from a place

of grounded soul.

Meet Katherine

Want to know a little bit more about me before investing your time & energy?  Babe, I totally get it!  

Well... besides loving sparkles (obviously) I have a professional background in psychotherapy and art therapy and I've worked individually with over 150 clients.  Grab a cup of something yummy and click the button below to learn more about me. 

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